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F A R + D A N G

We are excited for our first company to be showcased in our Featured Companies! F A R + D A N G sent us many different projects that they have designed and created, yet for the first installment we will be...

The Two Official Winners for the OMA & DS+R Architect-US | Arquia Foundation Scholarship are…..

Architect-US and The Arquia Foundation (Fundación Arquia) are excited to announce the two official winners of The Arquia Foundation XXI Edition Scholarship! This scholarship opportunity is a new gateway...

Have great work to promote? Sign up for the Architect-US Challenge Series!

In a post-COVID world it is important to make sure that you maintain a strong community, both personally and professionally. Here at Architect-US, we understand that collaboration is key to both improving your...

The O1 Visa: One of the last Work Visas standing in 2020 after Trump’s Visas Ban

On June 24th, 2020, the H1B, H2B, J, and L visas were all postponed for 180 days until December 31st, 2020. Under the current circumstances, the O1 visa is the only option for those either already in the US on...

Breaking News: Portfolio & Career Mentorship new service!

Many of our Job+J1 Visa Program participants and community members have been requesting more support when it comes to accomplishing their career goals and perfecting their portfolios. With the uncertainty...

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