First month working in the US

I just completed my first month working as an architect in the United States, and it has been an incredible experience! My office is very pleasant, and my colleagues are very kind. I find it very motivating to realize that they are people from different nationalities, each specialized in a specific area and with a lot of knowledge to share. Besides that, living near New York has been a dream for me; I may not go every weekend, but I feel incredibly excited just knowing it’s 40 minutes away from here!

I have colleagues who also joined the company through Architect-US, which was initially a reason for us to connect, and they have welcomed me very well. We have already made plans and have more planned for the future. I love knowing that we all came with the same purpose of learning and opening great doors for ourselves as professionals. Moreover, now I live immersed in a professional environment where we all speak the same language, which is the best in order to grow and learn profesionally talking.

Some of the activities/plans I’ve done include visiting Hudson Yards, walking along The Highline (mind-blowing), eating in Chinatown, and learning part of NY’s history at the Ellis Island museum (very interesting, by the way). Additionally, I had the opportunity to tour a nearly finished project and visit a very nice showroom of some company suppliers.

In conclusion, I haven’t just explored a little piece of the Big Apple, I have also grown as a professional -Baby steps- .

We’ll see what next month brings 🙂

Isabella Martin Aya


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