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8 Things you can do to earn a 6 figure architecture salary

Perhaps one of the most talked about subjects among colleagues and friends of yours is the salary that you are earning. Today, the world is very competitive and depending on the country, area of expertise, city, size of the company, market value, and other dozens of other factors the salary can vary greatly. In one way or another you are always intrigued to find out what other people are making, and that is only natural, it serves you as a guide for reference. It is also good to know what other people out there are making, that way when it is time for you to negotiate your salary you know what to ask for. It also very important that you establish certain guides -or we can even call them goals- and follow them so that in time you can start earning your six-figure salary. So here we leave you with goals which the Architect-US team recommends so that soon you are earning the salary that you are looking for.

1. Starting now

Coming right out of school, it’s very unlikely that you will receive a very high salary, even if your CV and Portfolio is very good. Unfortunately, what most companies today are looking for is experience, so the best thing that you can do right now if you have no experience is begin now. The more experience under your belt, the more seriously companies will take you.

2. Develop your skills

Make sure that you target you “hard” and “soft” skills. The hard skills referring to the ones related to your area of expertise. Such as proficiency in multiple software for 3D modeling and Rendering. Also doing research on what other software companies are using, basically expanding on your skill set. For your soft skills, you want to make sure that your communication, leaderships, problem solving, decisions making, and time management skills are also on point.

3. Switch Jobs

By this we don’t refer to switching jobs every few months. You should also be able to demonstrate a certain level of commitment otherwise firms will fear the idea of training you for some time and then you deciding to leave. However, it is usually very hard to receive a raise from your current employer, but if you make calculated and strategic moves to a new position it could greatly improve your salary.

4. Reducing Stress

If you tend to be more of a leader that is a great thing. When you are at work, try to reduce the stress of those that are working around you. If you manage to reduce the stress of those that surround you in the office space, those people will eventually gravitate towards you.

5. Be the best

Try to find something that you are good at within the field and make sure that it is demonstrated by you. Always contribute to the great attributes which you possess and make sure that people are aware of your skills, of course, without being too cocky.

6. Take responsibility

Ultimately what translates into a higher income is taking on more and more responsibilities. You can’t expect to keep the same tasks for ever, you have to find ways that you can accumulate more tasks but keep being as efficient and productive as possible.

7. Performance Reviews

Depending on the size and structure of the company, it is a good to have regular performance reviews. This gives you the opportunity to “re-interview” for the company. Make sure that you are able to demonstrate improvements in your work and increase in efficiency.

8. License

Make sure that you are considering being a licensed architect. Just think about your higher-ups as an example. They are most likely licensed architects. Generally the longer you have a license, the more you are worth in the marketplace.




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