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7 mistakes architects commit in their Resumes

According to several different studies around the world, it has been proven that employers only spend a few seconds at looking at your Resume. Not all employers – in fact very few – will actually take the time to review every detail in your Resume. That is why we always review your information and make sure that your work has a few «highlights» that we’ve always found to be very successful in getting a positive review. So things like style, organization, content, action words, and anything else we can find that will grab the attention of the employer. So, before you submit your Resume to anyone make sure that you include all the necessary information, and that you avoid a few different things. For example:

1. Not Being Clear Of Your Role

It is important that you use action verbs to describe your role for that particular position so that it quickly demonstrates how you achieved things. For example: Managed, implemented, led, etc. Here I leave you with a list of of «action words» that you should try to incorporate in your Resume.

2. Making It Too Long

Don’t include information that doesn’t add to who you are and your qualifications are. Include what you feel is necessary that the employer knows.

3. Including Irrelevant Information

Customize your resume for the position that you are applying. If you feel that something which you worked on helps add to that position, add it! It is very common for employers to use keywords as a method to screen through applications. They will look for a few words that best describe the position the candidate will fill and try to find those words in your resume or cover letter.

4. Too Many Graphics

Make sure that if you are using graphics, that you use them carefully. Don’t overwhelm the viewer and make sure that it is easy to read and grabs the readers attention.

5. Don’t use empty phrases

If you want to make a worded statement of who you are, do it in your cover letter. Your resume should be for important bullet responses that are relevant.

6. Poor Grammar

Grammar mistakes will draw the reader’s attention away from the content. Make sure that you get the reader’s attention, don’t give them any reason to be distracted. Here is a helpful link in which applications like Grammarly will help with your applications.

7. Not Highlighting The Skills Relevant For The Job

Tailor your resume for different positions, it always helps to match with as many relevant qualities that they are looking for but always avoid 7 mistakes architects commit in their Resumes.



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