About Me

  • I’m Jake, a third-year Architecture Science student at Toronto Metropolitan University. I’m excited to share that I’ll spend the next twelve months interning at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture in their Chicago office. Coming from Thornhill Woods, a suburban town in Toronto, I’ve gained a unique perspective from my daily commute to downtown Toronto for school.
  • Secondly, I have a passion for architecture, especially in fabrication, building, and model making. I love working with tools and materials. I’ve previously worked as a workshop technician and a research assistant, and now I’m eager to dive into the architectural design process at AS+GG. I anticipate a steep learning curve and invaluable exposure to real-world projects.

The Architecture Journey

  • Thirdly, Securing a visa to work in the U.S. was a challenge, but with the support of Architect-US and AS+GG, I’ve successfully navigated the process. I’m grateful for their help in making this transition smooth. My journey to AS+GG began with a captivating lecture by Gordon Gill at my university. Inspired by his visionary work, I shared my portfolio with him and expressed my interest in interning at AS+GG. A glowing recommendation from my third-year studio professor, a former AS+GG employee, strengthened my application.

The Architecture Adventure

  • Lastly, As I start this internship, my goals extend beyond acquiring technical skills. I aim to develop teamwork, networking, and interpersonal abilities crucial for success in any architectural firm. While software proficiency is essential, I believe in the importance of collaboration and collective achievement in the architectural profession. When I move to Chicago, I can’t wait to explore the city. I’m excited to see the amazing architecture there and feel lucky to have the opportunity to visit and experience it in person. When I arrive in Chicago I plan on visiting the Robie House, Marina City, and 875 N. Michigan Ave.

Looking forward to this incredible journey!



Jake Levy


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