Work in the U.S. + J1 Visa Sponsorship for Architects & Engineers

The First Exchange Program specialized in internships and trainings for Architects in the U.S. Get your J1 Visa in 30 days only from $850


We sponsor your J1 Visa either you have an offer or you want us to find you a Host Company

We sponsor your J1 VISA



I already have an offer from an American Company & Only need the J1 Visa Sponsorship

We find you a professional experience
+ sponsor your J1 VISA



I want to find an internship or training
+ J1 Visa Sponsorship
(ONLY Architects)

“After many tries of looking for a career opportunity in the U.S., I can affirm that the easiest and fastest way to get a job and live your American Dream is through Architect-US”

Goals & Objectives

Key benefits to participate in the Architect-US Career Program Experience

We sponsor the talent, you design the world!

If you have ever dreamed of working in the U.S. but you have no clue where to start Architect-US is the answer! We will sponsor your J1 Visa in 30 days and only from $850 and will take care of all the paperwork as part of the U.S. Government's Exchange J1 Visitor Program.

Stand out from the crowd and impulse your international professional career while pursuing a paid internship and training in New York, Chicago, San Francisco...

Say YES to a unique professional experience!

Career Impulse

Career Impulse

Waged Professional Experience

Professional Experience

Competitive Price

Competitive Price

Fast-Track Management

Fast-Track Management

“The endorsement of Architect-US means everything in the selection process with the host company, transmitting responsibility and feasibility. Definitely, what makes the difference”


We sponsor your international hires' J1 Visa and find top-notch candidates that best fit your firm's needs

Sir Peter Cook Testimonial

ARCHIGRAM / Crab Studio Director

Architect-US Competitions

AIA National Convention Booth Design Contest

Andrés Rábano Testimonial

Intern at OMA shares his first night in New York

Kenneth Drucker Testimonial

HOK Design Principal

Architect-US Meet-Up

Architects networking event at La Nacional NYC

Claudia Conde Testimonial

Trainee at HOK talks about her Architect-US experience

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“You can't be a global practitioner without transfusion experiences between different cultures. Architect-US is great because it simplifies the process.”


Be part of Architect-US is as easy as follow these steps



1. Complete online registration

2. Submit Required Documents (yours and Host Company's)



3. Placement is confirmed from Host Company

4. Program Fees payment

Training Agreement

Training Agreement

5. Internship/Training Placement Plan (DS-7002) is signed

6. Certificate of Eligibility DS-2019 is issued and shipped to your home

Visa Approval

Visa Approval

7. U.S. Embassy Interview

8. You get your passport with the Visa stamp. You are all set to start your American Dream!

“I remember last year I was kind of lost and desperate to find a good job. Architect-US arranged me interviews with several firms and in a few months I was starting at HOK, living my American Dream in the city that never sleeps!”


What our community say about us

Our participants and partner companies are the voice of our Program and our main assets. Honored to have helped you land your dream job in the U.S. and have you all part of the Architect-US Family!

Participants' Testimonials

Ákos Orbán 🇭🇺

Trainee at Reddymade Architecture
New York City, NY

Daria Semenova 🇷🇺

Member of our Pool of Candidates

Cristina Marin 🇷🇴

Trainee at IAE
Cedar Grove (NJ)

Marta Calvinho 🇵🇹

Trainee at Andre Kikoski Architects
New York

Gessa Mae Abriol 🇵🇭

Trainee at Aubertine & Currier

Victor de Andrés Martin Caro 🇪🇸

Member of our Pool of Candidates

Miguel de la Ossa 🇪🇸

Trainee at Cetra Ruddy
New York

Toshinosuke Matsuki 🇯🇵

Trainee at Marvel Architects
New York

Andrés Rábano 🇪🇸

Intern at OMA
New York

Juan Pablo Gaviria 🇪🇸

Trainee at PFA Architects

Raquel Rica 🇪🇸

Trainee at Doo Architecture

Caterina de la Portilla 🇪🇸

Trainee at Handel Architects
New York

Sibilla Morsiani 🇮🇹

Trainee at Restoration Hardware
New York

Susana Zárraga 🇪🇸

Trainee at VonDALWIG
New York

Daniele Lo Presti 🇮🇹

Trainee at Gruen Associates
Los Angeles, CA

Nicolas Mayorga 🇨🇴

Member of our Community
Portfolio Plan Report

Fernanda Dias de Azevedo 🇧🇷

Intern at Relativity Architects
Los Angeles, CA

Guillermo del Rio 🇪🇸

Trainee at McGinnis Chen Associates
San Francisco, CA

Eleonora Colacurcio 🇮🇹

Member of our Pool of Candidates
Portfolio Plan Report

Luca Galleano 🇮🇹

Member of our Pool of Candidates
Portfolio Plan Report

Cristina Asla Ortiz de Latierro 🇪🇸

Member of our Pool of Candidates
Portfolio Plan Report

Romina Revoredo 🇵🇪

Member of our Pool of Candidates
Portfolio Report Plan

Alberto Lozano Duran 🇪🇸​

Trainee at HGW Architects
San Diego, CA

Partner Companies' Testimonials

Joel Peterson

HR Director at KPF
New York

Marc J. Albertin

Co-Founder at Plainspace
New York

Frank Mruk

Executive Director at EAA
New York

Mary Beth Lardaro

HR Director at Dattner
New York

Sir Peter Cook

Founder at CRAB Studio/ARCHIGRAM
London, UK

Kenneth Drucker

Design Principal at HOK
New York

Facebook Testimonials

Thanks to Architect-US I was able to achieve my old time dream of working in an Architecture firm in the USA. The Architect-US team is truly professional and have helped me a lot with all the paperwork and other issues. I would definitely recommend Architect-US to other fellow young architects.

I found a job in San Francisco and Architect-US prepared my visa in a really short period of time, everything went perfect! Both my company and I are really happy with all their service, they have helped us a lot during the whole process.

After finding an internship placement in New York, I was Introduced to Architect-US by a fellow friend at my university to take care of my visa process. Similar to the experience of my friends going on internships from previous years, they took care of my paperwork with great efficiency, and I would highly recommend to fellow architects!

Architect-US helped me to get the visa and work as an architect in U.S.A. Thanks to The Architect-US team, the sponsorship process was easy. They took care of everything and they were always available for any question or problem, at any time. Participating into Architect-US Career Training Program was the right choice! I truly recommend it!

Architect-US will help you reach your dreams to live and work in the USA. Everything is easier and faster than you think! Also, they are a nice and committed organization that is open to listen and help you with any questions you have. I truly recommend you contact Architect-US if your dreams are in the land of opportunities!

Architect-US showed to be competent and fast dealing with my visa to the US. Thanks to them I'm moving to NY in a few weeks to work on a practice I truly believe. Despite this work was sorted by me. Architect-US managed to accelerate and help me through the process. I recommend this company if you're planning to move to the US.

They helped me to get my visa, in order to do a trainee program in NY. I was able to contact them at any moment during the whole process. It's a big help. Excited with the experience, thank you!

Excellent team to make your American dream and improve your career! Do not miss out to contact them, they will offer you an opportunity that will change your life.

Thanks to Architect-US I finally made my dream of working in New York come true! An outstanding professional personnel that helped me in everything, even when I was working there. So don't think it more, just call them and live the best experience of your life!

Architect-US is a very patient, efficient, and professional team. There was always someone to help me either before the visa process or after I started my trainingship. It's an invaluable support to have them ready to guide me whenever I have doubts, while I'm in the US.

Very good experience with a professional team always willing to resolve each case. Extremely personal and close dedication. I recommend you to contact them and they will clarify everything you may need.

Had a great experience with Architect-US. They really simplified the visa process for me and were very efficient. Would definitely contact them if I get another internship in the US.

Professional and efficient! My experience with them was very positive.

They took care of my J Visa and directed me on everything I needed to do. I recommend the experience.

I want to move to the USA through this.

Promoter Testimonials

Aston Sydney

It's an alternative opportunity for foreigners to have such amazing opportunity to have professional experience and exposure in the United States.

Arturo Rodríguez

I have always been treated very well, and it's a great work experience the one i am having right now.

Alex Boboc

Quick, professional and effective!

Barbara Pomilio

It's great!

Christian Massi

Simplification of the whole process, ease of communication.

Daniele Lo Presti

Efficiency, communication and information.

Daria Semenova

Efficiency and collaboration of the whole team.

Eftalia Proios

Fast and efficient visa application.

Gessa Mae Abriol

Patricia and the whole team are amazing! When I did my program everything was a breeze from the applications until I finished. I would love to do it again if given the chance. Kudos to the Architect-US Team!

Harold de la Rosa

Architect-US makes the whole process way more easy and quick. I'm extremely satisfied with the assistance provided. I already recommended the program to a friend early this year and her experience was as positive as mine. Keep up the hard work guys! This is the kind of opportunities and support young professionals need.

Cristina Marin

Architect-US is pushing you towards a professional career in the US, they are in charge of all the documents needed to obtain a J1 Visa and open a door for young professionals in America. They make the impossible look possible!

Marta Calvinho

If anyone wants to have an experience in the USA as an architect, there is no easier way than through Architect-US.

Moukthika Reddy

Good services, very helpful.

Susana Ribas

Very organized and professional.

Syed Azaz Mustafa

Helpfulness and I am sure I will get there.

Victor J. de Andrés

Because I had some interviews so it works!

Karen Camelo

I like the way you answer each question, not as a bot, but a person who is really talking with me.

Yuan Lu

It worked out well and the process has been enjoyable.

Google Reviews Testimonials

Great professionals, excellent treatment. The best way to get an opportunity in the USA. They guide / help you the whole time and answer your questions. They have a large number of agreements with offices of different types. (Big Scale projects, small ones, interior architecture...) The process to get your J1 Visa only takes 1 month, really fast. 100% recommended.

I still remember the number of addresses I consulted and the hundreds of emails (I don't exaggerate, hundreds) that I went through. And in those it was, when Patricia and Sonia of Architect-US appeared. I don't know what would have happened without their presence, but I do know that with their collaboration and help, with their willingness and dedication, we got what we were after. Thank you Architect-US for all your intervention in my job search process. I insist, let's not hypothesize what would have happened, let's emphasize that with their presence and help everything was better. Thank you!

If you are thinking about finding an internship in the US, Architect-US is what you are looking for. Not only for how friendly they are but for their professionalism and effectiveness. Thanks to them I was able to get my J1 Visa and work as a trainee in an awesome company. Unfortunately, my host company had to close, but Architect-US also helped me really quickly with the transfer of my Visa to a new company so I was able to continue my program.

Architect-US is an exceptional company that helps young people get the necessary visa for a US internship!

Delighted with your service! Since I contacted them, the answers and solutions to all the problems that I have been having have been quick and effective. I found a position in a studio that I would not have even imagined before I started that they would enter and they took care of all the paperwork (which is not small) effectively. Despite all the inconveniences that the COVID-19 situation has brought, they have always been offering their best to help me. Many thanks! I am really happy I contacted them from the beginning. They have helped me find a spot in a studio that I wouldn't have imagined before! Always there helping me in any step from building my portfolio to my visit in the embassy (they even call me a few hours after to check how it was). Sonia and Patricia are charming and they are always glad to help you with any little doubt you have. Even through this COVID-19 situation, they have done their best to sort out any inconvenience. Definitely I'd recommend it!

Highly recommended if you are looking for a temporary position as an architect in the United States. Although the immigration system in the US may seem somewhat complex, Architect-US made it seem easy to obtain a visa and helped me through the entire process from start to finish. Very happy with the service.

Architect-US was extremely helpful in the process of getting my J1 Visa for the US. They were professional, fast and very easy to work with. Very recommended to anyone seeking to do an internship or traineeship in the US.

I am finally working in California thanks to Architect-US. This company makes the paperwork and the job search really easy. I have to say thank you to Pablo and Patricia that helped me with everything. I would recommend the experience 100%.

Super helpful and professional! Sonia and Patricia helped me a lot through the whole process and everything was very straightforward.

If you want to live the experience of working in the US, go to them without any doubt.

Very professional team, very close, and pending at all times of the visa process.

Architect-US really helped me through all the process: they arrange interviews until you got the offer and the J1 Visa! Awesome!

I got my US Visa in 30 days. Finally, I'm ready to go. California I'm coming over. Exceptional work, very qualified and helpful staff. Highly recommended.

I used Architect-US to help sponsor my J1 Visa for an internship in NYC. Great service, I would definitely recommend!

Helpful staff, professional people, they did everything they could to help me before, during, and after my work experience in NYC. Definitely recommend.

What I love about Architect-US is that they are always present for any questions you have during your training program. The staff is highly trained to guide you through this process! I recommend them 100%.

Architect-US showed to be competent and fast dealing with my visa to the US. Thanks to them I'm moving to NY in a few weeks to work on a practice I truly believe. Despite this work was sorted by me, Architect-US managed to accelerate and help me through the process. I recommend this company if you're planning to move to the US.

They've been extremely helpful, very good at communicating and I wouldn't have arranged my internship in the USA without them. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone hoping to follow architecture to the USA!

Excellent for its speed and personalized service, my experience was very good, thanks to them I could go to New York!

This company really helped me to obtain my J1 Visa for an internship in the United States. People I have communicated with are very nice!

Through Architect-US exceptionally fast & professional help, I had successfully trained & worked in Orlando, US.

I could not imagine in the first moment how difficult was to prepare all the documents if you do it alone. Architect-US had an important and essential role in all the Visa, helping and orientating in all the phases, anticipating all the steps and making you comfortable with all this new situation. They care about everything. From the very beginning, they gave me an overall view of all the steps. Finally, I was calm and confident. Yesterday I received my passport with the visa printed on it. I am ready!

A process that would otherwise be very long and tedious is solved in a practical and efficient way thanks to Architect-US. Very close and professional personal treatment. 100% recommended if you want to live the experience of living in the USA.

Architect-US helped me polish my portfolio and CV and got me in touch with firms in the US that matched my professional aspirations. After I got an offer, they guided me through the whole visa application process making sure everything went smoothly. True professionals!

Very close and personalized treatment from the first moment. Fast and efficient. Without doubt the best choice to process my J1 Visa.

The Architect-US team was constantly in touch and helped me throughout the J1 Visa process, answering all my questions. These people are professionals. They do their job very well and quickly. I found the internship myself. But they also helped me find a company for an architectural internship.

I highly recommend Architect-US if you are looking for a professional experience in the USA. They make the whole process very easy and quickly, always helping you with every question you may have.

Architect-US Career Training Program is one of the best agency in order to do internships or training with the Visa supported. They have many types of plans to get great experience, so you should apply for it!

Architect-US was very helpful through the whole process. They not only found me a job that I really enjoy in NYC, but also took care of all the documents and communication with my future employer. I recommend them to any architect looking to get started with their career in the USA.

Very professional and nice service. I had the best experience of my life working and living in the US for one year and a half and Architect-US made everything very easy and they were extremely helpful assisting me. I absolutely recommend this company if you are thinking of working in the US!

I had a great experience organizing my trip with Architect-US. Totally recommended if you want a nice cultural exchange experience and training abroad. They will keep it simple for you, and also helping you with your doubts and questions as soon as possible.

I strongly recommend the Architect-US agency. It was thanks to them that my process for the J1 Visa, a cultural exchange visa with the USA, was carried efficiently and clearly. If you are thinking of doing an exchange in your area, this agency will help you and accompany you in everything. 5 stars. :)

I had a very good experience with Architect-US Career Training Program! They were very helpful throughout the process which can be quite stressful at times. Through their help I received my Visa to train in the US and am very excited to start my career experience next week. I can highly recommend them!

Thank you Architect-US for helping me throughout the journey. It is a remarkable company which you can definitely rely on for your visa sponsorship. Thank you Sonia for your guidance, I really appreciate it. Looking forward to my American dream. :)

Amazing experience, great people, big learning!

I am happy with the Architect-US team, they have helped me fulfil my dream of working in the USA, finding me an awesome Architect Studio in NJ, making the contacts, coordinating the meetings and more, they have helped me to also go through the process of getting my J1 Visa and all of the paperwork required.

They have been concerned with all my questions and have always answered fast, even now in the middle of COVID times, they have helped me with all the delays and problems I have got because of the pandemic. I highly recommend Architect-US and the program they offer.

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