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What are three things you can do if you want to narrow your search to a specific city

If you find yourself wanting to go to a specific city – for family, financial, or other personal reasons- you have to be aware of the fact that depending on which city you are focusing on, the job market may be lower than in other cities we send offers from. We have to rely on the current job market and the companies that want to hire an international candidate. We do all we can from our end so that you can secure your Job and Visa in the quickest time possible but in some instances, we like to give tips to our candidates so that they can help the process along in the case they are in a great hurry of finding that opportunity.

1. Look at our Weekly Openings?

The weekly openings are current job openings that are in firms in the U.S. They don’t necessarily mean that they are with companies that we are working with. We post the weekly openings so that people can see what some of the current job openings are, as we have many program participants that are enrolled in the J1 Visa program, meaning they are applying on their own and we will process their Visa once they are offered a position.

2. Begin reaching out Companies on your own

You should start sending applications which you find from online sources. It is always good to look at what’s out here and get some information on what the current job market is. Use different online sources to look for job openings in the city that you are interested in and make sure that you send them the required documentation (cover letter, portfolio, resume, etc.).

3. Mention us in your Job search

We recommend that when you are sending applications, it is important that you mention your Visa sponsorship from Architect-US, that may be in the cover letter or in another section depending on how the application is. That way the company is aware that you can work there for a duration of max 18 months, but they don’t have to worry at all about any of the visa issuance processes or fees! You can tell them that they can reach out to us as well and our team would be happy to answer any questions they may have.

These tips will help you increase your chances at finding the right job and hopefully in the quickest time possible! When you sign-up for our Job+J1 program you can always tell a member of our team, or a program advisor if a specific company interests you. We will gladly try to reach out to them and see what we can do from our end to get you that opportunity!


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