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5 tips on making a killer Portfolio for architects

As designers, I’m sure that you are aware of the importance of having a good architectural portfolio! It is what will show your skills as a designer and most importantly, give a glimpse of who you are to your future employer. It will be the judge of whether or not you match the skill level and talents which you have mentioned on you resume, so everything that you can do to stand out is always a good idea. Here are 5 tips on how to go the extra mile in your portfolio to get employers excited about your work, 5 tips on making a killer portfolio :

1. Blurb

Make sure to check out different printing services such as Blurb. You can make your portfolio awesome by printing it in book format! Just by following their easy platform and you can choose formats, layouts, colors, really anything you want! Think about a format that best displays your work and if there is a company that really grabs your attention, send a copy their way!

2. Creativity

Showcase your most creative work! You want to make sure that your strongest pieces are displayed here. Through our Selection Committee here at Architect-US we’ve seen several portfolios that have truly incredible work but unfortunately poorly displayed. With just a few little corrections in size, format, or layout, what seems to be a poor Portfolio ends up being a truly killer Portfolio. We know the work is there, is just a matter of showcasing it correctly!

3. Inspiration

Look at other examples of great portfolios for inspiration! There are many great links out there that show you examples of portfolios.

4. Supplementary Content

Make sure you have an online portfolio or website that displays your work and your personality. There are great platforms which will help you make your own website and are very easy to use. They also provide you with a lot of pre-made formats that are really cool! Such as:

  • Cargo Collective
  • SquareSpace
  • Wix

5. Update!

Many firms want to see your most recent work and it is very common that you are forgetting recent projects. This i s key to making a killer portfolio whatever you can add that is recent, add it! This is a constant process, so every once in a while make sure that you are updating your work!



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