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The 4 things you must know to successfully book your Visa Appointment

As soon as we have received all the documentation from you and the Host Company, it will be sent to our designated sponsor by the Department of State –ASSE– so that they can review it. Once we have their approval and all the documentation has been verified, you will receive a notification from us so that you can book your embassy appointment. You must remember that the J1 Visa takes 30 days to process, and even though this is probably the fastest Visa to issue, some companies might want you to start right away. So, it is important that everything is done on time and done correctly (take a look at 2 tips to expedite your visa in the shortest time possible). In the email that will be sent to you we will explain that at the time we have to wait to collect the needed signatures from your Program supervisors. Once we have received that we will send you a SEVIS and Program Number and the FedEx Package that you need for your embassy appointment.

1. Tracking your FedEx Package

Once we have received the Signed documents, we will send you ALL the documentation that you need and will present in your Embassy Interview. In order so you can book the appointment, you will receive the tracking number of your FedEx package so that you can book the appointment at the earliest time possible once it has arrived in your home country.

2. DS-160

Make Sure that you fill out the Department of State DS-160 with the DS-2019 Number and Exchange Visitor Program Number that will be sent to you.

3. Schedule the appointment

Make sure that you schedule the appointment for the next available time. It is better to have to reschedule rather than schedule an appointment from start. However, make sure that you schedule it for a day that you know you will already have received the Welcome package from FedEx. Once you have scheduled your appointment, don´t forget to inform your Program Advisor of the date and time that you will have the Interview.

4. Visa Waiting times

The Visa waiting times may vary depending on current workload and staffing, so make sure that you are aware of that and that you are checking the times once you are getting close to scheduling the appointment. Here is a link so that you can search the next available appointment in your city.

Once you have informed your program advisor of your scheduled appointment, we will send you an email with some experiences and tips from past participants as useful information to prepare for the interview. After that it’s only a matter of days till you J1 Visa is approved and you are living and working in the city of your dreams! If at any point during this process you have any questions, your designated Program Advisor at Architect-US will be available to answers any questions or concerns that you may have.


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