First month in New York!

Finally here! Although it wasn’t all plain sailing, I don’t regret my choice at all. What energy in New York!

Let’s pick up where we left off from my previous post about my eminent departure. A successful landing in every sense of the word!

Given the speed with which the visa process unfolded, I had no choice but to look for accommodation in a hurry. But I didn’t want to settle into a place without visiting it, so I decided to take an Airbnb close to my firm. The minimum stay of one month, according to New York regulations, seemed restrictive to me, but in the end, even though it came at a cost, it gave me the time I needed to complete the administrative formalities, discover the city, look for accommodation and, above all, be 100% committed to my internship.

And I had to be at 100% because I arrived in the middle of the competition! Right into the thick of things! I had no choice but to quickly adapt to the agency’s organization, the Imperial system, the language and, above all, the scale of the projects. Yes, it’s no myth that everything is bigger in the United States! I learned to design apartments where, as one of my colleagues says, you can park a car in the dressing room!

A competition always generates a special atmosphere, and even though people don’t necessarily have the time to explain everything to you, a certain cohesion is built up to reach the final result, and this is extremely motivating for newcomers.

I was able to take advantage of my weekends to get away from it all and discover the city, its surroundings, its museums and its comedy clubs. There’s always something to do in New York! Whatever the weather, whatever the day, whatever the time!
But above all, I took the opportunity to look for a place to live and I’m writing this post in my new home because I’ve finally found it.

I’m ready to continue the adventure!

Soizic Jouan de Kervenoael


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