What is it like working in the US through the first 30 days of a J1 Visa Architect

Architect-US Interview Series is back with another top-notch interview on Wednesday, June 16th at 12:00 PM EST🗽time on our Instagram LIVE and/or our YouTube CHANNEL. Our CEO Pati Garcia will guide us through the interview with Daniela Liberona about her first month in New Jersey at Inglese Architecture, and Pati is excited to help share her perspective of the experience from her home country all the way to the end of her first month. With the changing times, it is a wonderful way to get a sense of the current situation on the ground! 

The interview will be live on Architect-US Instagram on Wednesday, June 16th at 12:00 PM ESTđź—˝time We’ll be also streaming live from all our channels: Facebook | LinkedIn | Youtube | Instagram

Our CEO Pati Garcia will go over some other topics such as:

âś… Gain a sense of the pre-landing in the USA and the first 30 days for a J1 Visa Architect in America, the struggles, the wins, and the new lessons

✅ Learn about Daniela’s experience with landing in NYC on her way to her new job and how she faced the overwhelming moment of looking for an apartment, getting her social security number and adjusting to her new life in the city. 

âś… Find out about how Daniela improved her english and understand how some of those language barriers can be tackled pro-actively

âś… Understand why she decided to make the move to the USA and how she views her career transforming in the coming years

What would you like to ask Daniela about? Please let us know below if you have any questions you would like to ask her!👇👇👇


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