My Journey to the American Dream

Hello everyone! My name is Elisa Pérez, and I am excited to share my journey with you. I come from Spain, where I completed my bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Francisco de Vitoria University. I have always been passionate about design and architectural planning, and I have been fortunate to work with some fantastic colleagues and profesors.

Before embarking on this journey, I had several concerns. The biggest one was the time it would take to complete the entire process. Moving to a new country is a huge step, and I was worried about the bureaucracy and potential delays, especially regarding visa applications and securing a job offer. Additionally, I was anxious about adapting to a new culture and whether I would find a community where I felt at home.

I first heard about this service through my University. They couldn’t stop raving about how smooth and supportive the entire process was, so I decided to look into it. Despite my worries that it might not happen, I decided to give it a try. Some of my concerns turned out to be right, but the service was incredibly helpful. The team kept in touch constantly, ensuring that communication was always present.

I haven’t had my embassy appointment yet, but I have all the documents ready and I am excited to finalize the process and start my journey. Thanks to the detailed preparation materials and guidance I received, I feel confident and well-prepared.

Getting the job offer was a significant milestone in this journey. I applied to several companies, tailoring my resume and cover letter to highlight my skills and experience relevant to the U.S. job market. I was thrilled to receive an offer from Inglese Architecture and Engineering. The interview process was rigorous but fair, and the company’s HR team was supportive throughout. I am very greatful for the treatment I received from Joaquin and the rest of the team, even after getting the job they have been very helpful.

I expect this move to be a transformative experience. Professionally, I am eager to work with this studio and to contribute to groundbreaking projects. Personally, I look forward to immersing myself in a new culture, making new friends, and exploring the diverse landscapes of the United States. I believe this experience will help me grow both professionally and personally, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

To anyone considering taking this step, I wholeheartedly encourage you to go for it. The process might seem daunting, but with the right support and preparation, it can be incredibly rewarding. This journey has taught me that with determination and the right guidance, achieving your dreams is possible. Good luck, and I hope to see you in the U.S. soon!

Elisa Perez Sanz


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