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The Park for the Bachelor Thesis

Justine Velasquez, a top notch architect that joined the Architect-US family more recently, provides us with a look into her thesis that she created for her Academic studies! The Portfolio Challenge is starting to heat up and we are only a couple of months in! 🥳🥳


Justine Velasquez joined the Architect-US family more recently and has been working towards her move to the USA to push her career growth and development further. For the Portfolio Challenge (one of 8 challenges in the Architect-US #Challengesseries), Velasquez provided us with her Thesis for her studies at Universidad del ValleVelasquez sought to create a park that also includes an area for artistic experimentation and community connection.

As you can tell throughout the different drafts and renderings, Velasquez thinks of every detail and adds comments to different areas that make up the whole of the park. It even includes classrooms and a coffee shop so that you can stay in the park for many of your needs! Now she is thinking of every detail that needs to be covered in order to find your next career opportunity in the USA. Velasquez has been working hard to fulfill her career dreams and she is currently improving her English at an academy while she works too! Great job Justine!

Images by Justine Velasquez

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