My first 4th of July
Trent Yarnell

My first 4th of July in the USA

It had just been 2 hours since I entered into the city and I was already invited by my host employer to my first 4th of July to join him and his family for the celebration.

I reached my place which was yet to be made home for 6 months. My roommate was waiting for me and then we got ready to go to the 4th of July celebrations.

My first 4th of July seemed like a festival on its own, I was welcomed by my boss and his family and the place was amazing.

The entire family was together to celebrate in the way they have been doing it for years.

The children were bursting small cracks and the food was cooked in with all decorations in the theme of 4th of July. The cookies …the hand towels… Everything was in the theme. The house looked amazing with all the decorations been put up…I was numb and amazed by the sight of it. I was listening to the various stories which were told by the family about how they celebrate 4th of July when they were kids…and in just a moment it felt like home… the weather that day was all cloudy and the fireworks were a word of doubt. As it started raining everyone gathered inside and my employer’s brother started with a magic show…he showed us some amazing magic tricks, some of them were amazing and some of them were just for laughter.

Everyone was waiting for the rain to stop and it finally did … everyone was out to see the canon which was resting in the backyard…as it was turning dark and it was time for fireworks…we all saw the setting up of fireworks and then it finally started .. everyone in the entire neighborhood was outside their homes to see the fireworks..the sky looked so beautiful with so many color and those fireworks marked the beginning of my first day in Kansas City.

It was a beautiful day with a lovely evening and with great people around me who made me feel like home.

Tamanna Sethi


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