Panorama «A» cero

Nieves Andrea Calvo joins us for the second time in the Architect-US Portfolio Challenge, she was a part of the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program in the past, and this time around she submitted a project called Panorama «A» ceroIt was one of the projects she did during her degree. She worked along with Adderly Bustamante, Alana Macias and Giancarlo Patierno. 

The project is a review of the south of Madrid urbanism of the last decades, understanding the new urban developments trying to propose something coherent with its fabric. They proposed green paths, new ways of living, cooperatives, into a natural and healthy environment. The project comes from a deep research about the current situation of the “PAUS” in the  South-east of Madrid.

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On the basis of the radial and concentric growth that has been developed in Madrid in the last decades and the appearance and disappearance of farming in favour of zones that have not been modified due to the difficulty of the land, we carry out the proposal.

The purpose is to join the periphery, nowdays almost neglected and built over expropiated drylands fields.

From a consolidated city centre, it will generate a contrast that highlights the most natural elements and temporary constructions and that will allow a gradual regeneration throughout the years.

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How would you incorporate the periphery of a city through designLeave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Featuring: Adderly Bustamante, Alana Macias Tormo y Giancarlo Patierno.

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