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Schedule a 30 minutes mentorship Zoom session with Pati Garcia, Founder of Architect-US & Architect-US School,
to go over your main professional concerns and draw together an action plan that helps you accomplish your career goals while
starting, reinventing and renewing your career!

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Star performers

Our Selection Committee of architects and designers with 10+ years of experience and an extensive knowledge of the Architectural Industry recognizes when a candidate has 'the eye' and takes them to the next level.

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Within two weeks we’ll guide you with the overwhelming task of creating a successful portfolio into manageable pieces to help you land your dream job. Let us guide you in your career and help you make the most of your work and potential!


Often to move to the next level you just need the opinion of an objective third-party. Get the experts guidance you need to make your portfolio shine bright like diamond and choose the portfolio plan that best suits your needs.

what is included?

The portfolio is one of the most difficult components of the architecture job search process.
It is like the business card of Architects. Gain insight from industry experts on how to get it right to succeed in your next interview!

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We have helped applicants to get hired in over 200+ outstanding firms ranging from boutique studios to large corporations.
Let us help you land your dream Architecture Job!

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Learn how to redefine your career and create an effective and holistic job application with Pati Garcia, Architect-US & Architect-US School Director. Book a 30 mins mentorship Zoom call and start the road map to a stellar career!

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Building a successful career in architecture is challenging. Get past the roadblocks
using the proven techniques we have used to help many other Architects from around the world.