Public Baths for the City of Madrid

Alvaro Follana recently graduated from his Master’s Architecture program at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. In order to be awarded his title he had to complete his final thesis. Thus, he created Public Baths for the City of Madrid. Follana is now dreaming of moving to the US to follow his dreams!

Alvaro Follana, one of our remarkable participants in the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program, created Public Baths for the City of Madrid for his final thesis in his Master’s Architecture program at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. He was awarded the second best note of the call for his work. Follana graduated in July 2019, and is now looking to make the big move to the US.

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Follana gained inspiration for his work during his time living in Madrid during the hot summers. Madrid, being one of the highest capital cities in Europe and with a drier climate, is a prime candidate for a large scale public bathhouse such as the one Follana designed. The aim was to create a public bath that not only fit within the urban landscape, but also the environmental landscape. Water drainage and tracking of water usage is important within a drier environment. The government has already started to invest in new building technologies that reduce water usage rates around the city.

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The project’s research question aims to provide solutions to both the community and the local government, as a public bath must be approved by all the necessary parties. He aims to make sure that any public land use contribute to the standard of living the citizen within the town. In the final rendering you can see how he defines public spaces, and the value they bring to each floor of the bath.

Alvaro Follana used Illustrator, Photoshop, and Autocad for this project.

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Images by Alvaro Follana

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