Urban Development in Bangalore

Bianca Dobru worked alongside a team of architects from UNStudio to create an Urban Development Plan for Bangalore. These new tech campuses aim to provide mixed-use areas to better serve their citizens. Dobru was very excited to be part of such an incredible team!!

Bianca Dobru, one of our top-notch participants in the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program, worked alongside a team of architects from UNStudio to create an Urban Development Plan for Bangalore. Bangalore is fast becoming the Silicon Valley of South Asia, and thus is in need of pro-active and practical urban development plans. Karle Town Centre (KTC), is being created with UNSense and Karle Infra working together to use sensorial technologies throughout the tech campus.

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The value provided by these new tech hubs, that seek to solve urban development issues, is their large collection of data. By understanding the flow of the movement of people, you can be more pro-active with your policies and reaction to changing circumstances. Dobru highlights the value provided by these data collection points throughout the urban development area. These areas are mixed-use and thus provide more insight into how people interact, what they buy, and what they value.

Dobru is excited to join a firm in the US and contribute to the architecture scene of a beautiful American city. She mentions that the Urban Development project design in Bangalore was very exciting and provided her with the opportunity to gain new skills in construction documentation and other areas that she sought to shore up.

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Images by Bianca Dobru and UNStudio

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