Paving the Palimpsest

Mujung Ryan Chiu, one of our rockstars in the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program, is now working in Chicago at Wheeler Kearns Architects, but during her time in Paris, she submitted Paving the Palimpsest to the Paris Affordable Housing Design Competition. For the competition, any winning design had to be applicable to any region of Paris to make it a flexible and adaptable solution.

Mujung Ryan Chiu, one of our rockstars in the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program, who is now working in Chicago with Wheeler Kearns Architects, created Paving the Palimpsest and submitted this great work to the Paris Affordable Housing Competition. Due to the concentration of large populations in large bandeliue structures in the perimeter of Paris, it makes the standard of living lower and commute times much higher. Not only this, but opportunity tends to be concentrated downtown, and thus require making the effort to reach the city center to make a living. The competition that Chiu was part of «…seeks unique ideas for cities around the world facing housing shortages, and the corresponding exacerbation of social and economic imbalances.»

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The project’s research question aims to provide solutions specific to Paris and their affordable housing concerns. This competition is applied to cities all over the world. By designing a sustainable solution to Paris’ affordable housing problem that is implementable and affordable, architects can provide the necessary solutions. These solutions must be applicable to any region of Paris, so that it can be easily implemented.

Mujung Chiu used Adobe, Vray, and Autocad for this project.

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Images by Mujung Ryan Chiu

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