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The landscape of Generation Z in the workplace

Not everyone is clear on what the different generations are – as there are various ones such as Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z – but for those of you that were born around the mid 90’s, you fit in the Generation Z demographic. This generation is particularly known for the fact that since birth this generation was probably surrounded by technology and most likely used it throughout life since early years. This is a demographic cohort after the Millennials and varies slightly in their media/technology habits from their slightly older group. Something which must be considered in this new day and age. The workforce has seen a change since the impact of Millennials in the workplace and will continue to do so with these newer Generations.


Focusing on the design aspect of this generation, we can see that there is a high level of literacy when it comes to technology. Young architects are filled with creative ideas and their high level of technological aptitude will make an impact on outdated design and construction methods.  With technology rapidly advancing as it is, this generation will be able to bring promising skills and values that will benefit the profession on a global level. As this generation continues to grow and develop alongside software and file sharing methods, we will see the streamlining of global professional exchange and dialogue. Bridging the gaps between different countries and continents and bringing more cross-cultural exchange all around the world.

Technology will be used to a full effect. Even though we have a hint of where technology is headed, it is difficult to predict where Generation Z will take all of these advancements. One thing is for sure though, their technological ability will be used to take building design and creativity to a whole new level. Just as we’ve seen great advancements in the last recent decades, we will continue to do so with this and future generations. Additionally, this generation is also more averse to the traditional working habits that have been established in the last years. There are more and more freelancers and styles of working in the future of the office space. We will probably see more “break” rooms within the office and with more flexibility, more dialogue will be incited, and innovative ideas will flow more freely within the work environment.


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