How to make an eye-catching portfolio?

       Here are some tips for those who want to find an internship in the United States.


  1. A portfolio is not an archive of all the work you have ever done. You have very little time to arouse interest in yourself. Think about what you can tell about yourself in 30 seconds.


  1. Hand drawings. For the USA – a big advantage. My drawings became one of the reasons why I was invited to an internship.


  1. The process is as important as the result. If you decide to include only the final visualizations in the portfolio, then this indicates that you are doing good visualizations. But it does not say anything about how you design. If you are looking for the position of a Visualization Specialist, then perhaps this is a good strategy. If you want to work as an architect, then include in your portfolio what shows how you are designing. Sketches, schemes, architectural models.


  1. We live in an age of visual content. If it is possible to talk about the idea and development of the project with the help of drafts, then this will work better than the text on the side of the picture. Employers pay attention to pictures and then to the texts.


  1. It is important to think about what will resonate to the person who will look at your portfolio. Go to the company website. If there are many layouts, then insert your layouts. If beautiful visualizations are important to them, then show the visualizations. If schemes, analysis and research are important, then work on it.


  1. Photographs of models and completed projects. Professional shots look like a statement of their work. Admiring the project, well-built light and composition will give the aesthetic pleasure to the beholder and will interest him.


  1. The set of programs required by the bureau. Often they are indicated on the company’s website. In the USA, the most popular are Revit, AutoCAD, V-Ray, Rhino, Adobe package


  1. Website or pdf?
  2. The advantage of the site is that the link will always lead to the most current version of your portfolio. Because you can update it whenever you want.
  3. You can embed video and audio on the site.
  4. Add links to your social networks. In architecture, the ability to communicate is crucial. If you have a blog? Do you know how to take pictures, conduct presentations? Do you have publications in professional media? All this will help to reveal you as a person.

Maria Malygina


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