Every morning, after getting up, having breakfast and getting dressed, I go to work. Usually, I do it by subway, and, of course, I am always accompanied. First, by many people who crowded like me automatically and drowsily go towards their obligations. However, and this is my very first idea, I am always accompanied by a melodious, warm and pleasant voice in each station, remembering a useful message for all travelers: “Stand clear of the closing doors, please”

I guess every country, every city, will have its special voices. I remember those of Madrid, because they were of a woman and a man, who, in a pleasant way, warned us of the successive stations, of the transshipments and of the curving stations. But today, after the daily repetition and its great vocalization and sound, I have become accustomed to this one in New York.

During my way to work, I have already become a New Yorker, or at least I hope so. On one hand my outfit, my clothes, with a good coat to withstand the cold. On the other hand, my backpack is never missing with the containers or tuppers where I take the lunch at noon. And finally my heart, because I am delighted to work, with immense joy for living my American dream. In my case, for developing both as a designer and architect, which are my two degrees and professions.

In all these trips through the subway I see a multitude of totally different people. Although by force of traveling daily, sometimes I distinguish some people and I think: “this one gets off at my stop, he must also work here”. If I’m allowed a joke I will say that famous phrase by Groucho Marx when he said: “I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception”.

Naturally, the diversity of the subway I am talking about becomes logical, considering the multiculturality of the city and the welcoming to so many people from different countries. For example, in my company, apart from the Americans, of course, there are colleagues from China and Thailand, from several European countries such as Greece, Poland and Ireland, from Russia and Israel, from South America, Colombia or Peru and, naturally, from Spain, like me.

Well, I’m going to say goodbye again while I am return to Greenpoint in the ferry which connects these hoods in such a marvelous way. As every day, from Brooklyn to Manhattan and vice versa.

I want to give you a big hug and until the next post that will be the next March. This month marks the beginning of spring, a season that I await with real impatience.

A. Buades

Alicia Buades

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