My first months as J1 Visa in New York

My first months as J1 Visa in New York!

I cannot be more happier! My American dream is coming true! Thanks to Architect US and Young Projects, the studio I’m working on.

I put you in the situation, I arrived in NY in mid-October, but these first months as J1 Visa in New York have been a non-stop, … looking for apartment, adapting to the new job, in short, trying to feel at home. After two months I can say that NYC has welcomed me very well! And that I feel one more in this big and great city.

After the great job of Architect-US and its great efficiency and speed during the whole process to get the J-1 for which they made it very easy and I had no problem and any issue, in October I arrived in NY. I contacted them and the beginning of September and in a month I was already flying to the USA. I would never have imagined it! The arrival was difficult, especially looking for a place to stay … the changes are always hard, but soon I adapted.

Happy ‘Blue Friday’

Then November came, with his famous Thanksgiving! I had the turkey in Miami! I took advantage of those holidays and I made a trip to Miami, which was very nice this escape to get out a bit of the city and its cold. During November I also traveled to Boston, such a nice town! Highly recommended to visit, the commute is very convenient, 3h by train!

And now, at the beginning of December, the Christmas spirit is already felt in the big apple, very good vibes. Can’t wait for our Christmas Party at Young Projects! We are looking forward to it!

The only problem I have had since I arrived is that you really feel that time flies in this city!  And looking in perspective the time I’ve been here, I can not be happier.

Let it snow!

I love my work. During these first months as J1 Visa in New York I’m learning and enjoying what I’m doing and I am in love with this great city! What more can I ask for? THANK YOU Architect-US!

Julia Castaño


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