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Hi everyone!

My name is Diana and I’m originally from Mexico City. I currently live and study in Toronto, Canada, where I’m completing my Masters Degree in Architecture at the University of Toronto. I’ve had two experiences with summer internships before, in both Mexico and Canada, but this will be my first time interning in the United States.  Before starting my relationship with Architect-US, I already had an internship offer in New York City. The process for getting my offer involved an online application, a phone and Skype interview, and a portfolio review with my host company.

After receiving the offer, my employer told me about Architect-US for my J-1 visa sponsorship. The processing time for obtaining the J-1 visa with Architect-US was around a month and a half, from start to finish. My program advisor was extremely nice and helped me every step along the way. Due to my Canadian citizenship, I did not have to attend an interview at the American embassy in Canada, which was very convenient and allowed me to gain an extra couple of days. After receiving my J-1 documents in the mail, I booked my 12-hour bus ride from Toronto to New York City. Although it might seem a little bit intimidating, going through US customs with my paperwork was smoother and faster than I expected. Before I even realized, I was welcomed into the US and on my way to adventure!

What I expect from the American experience is to have a really good time, meet a lot of new people – New York City is full of exciting opportunities for networking – and last but not least, learn how to balance work and leisure. I look forward to exploring the city in my free time, eat lots of good food and produce some lifelong memories.


Diana Franco

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