O’Neil Langan Architects’ Selected Projects

History of O’Neil Langan Architects

O’Neil Langan Architects was founded in 1996 by partners Steven O’Neil and Mary Langan. The two architects have a shared commitment to creative design and professional service. The team provides customers with new design solutions, exquisite craftsmanship, and consistent service thanks to its quickly expanding practice of young architects and designers. Since its founding, the company has grown to employ more than 50 people in Manhattan and has worked on projects all across the globe.

Their team of architects, interior designers, and cad drafters offers a variety of services to their clientele. In-store promotion, graphic design, retail design, fixture design, image/identity design, visual merchandising, architectural services, interior design services, project management, and packaging design are among the current offers. They have worked in retail, corporate interiors, hospitality, healthcare, editing studios, retail complex planning, showrooms, residential space planning, and commercial lobbying.

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Company Culture at O’Neil Langan Architects

OLA has a wealth of expertise collaborating with emerging businesses in the US and worldwide retail space. Many of their customers are start-ups, and as their brand becomes more well-known, OLA has built stores alongside them. They retain one Principal, one Associate, and one Senior Project Manager to communicate with the brand and organize the client and consultant teams.

OLA’s portfolio is rich and diversified, but always seeks to bring a fresh approach to design problems. We specialize in high end retail projects, but also work with lower budgets and emerging brands. We are committed to the challenge of designing creatively and offering professional service no matter what the scope of a project.

By controlling their staffing and taking the initiative to coordinate with the client to ensure that information is received and funneled so that milestone schedule dates are met, OLA delivers projects effectively, even with time-sensitive schedules. The principals’ leadership sets an example for their employees regarding the need of meticulousness, precision, and efficient project management.

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Architect-US is proud to work in close contact with O’Neil Langan and to be able to ensure the firm gets to know and work with amazing young architects like Jesus Manuel Verastegui Sanchez and Teresa Rodriguez Garcia whom we helped process and sponsor their J1 Visa as well as find a job in the US through our Job+J1 Visa Program!

Jesus Manuel

Jesus is a Spanish architect who graduated from the University of Sevilla (Spain) with a Master of Architecture degree. He served as an architect for ARQM, which was an architectural firm focused on commercial projects and provided support to foreign customers to establish their projects in France. From 2020, he worked as an independent freelancer in collaboration with ARQM and Gwenolia Manetti Architecture d’Intérieur et Conso & Co.

Teresa Rodrigues Garcia

Teresa is a Spanish architect whose educational background includes getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at Politechnika Wrocławska, Wroclaw, Poland during an ERASMUS and Mobility program, a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture with NAAB Acreditation from EPS CEU SAN PABLO University, Madrid, Spain, and a MArch’s Degree in Architecture from EPS CEU SAN PABLO University. She gained professional experience working as an Architectural Assistant at Teresa Sapey+Partners and as an Intern Architect at Casanova+Hernandez Architects.

O’Neil Langan Architects’ Selected Projects

Moose Knuckles – Retail – Beijing

Photos provided by O’Neil Langan

Eataly – Hospitality

Photos provided by O’Neil Langan

River Lights House – Residential

Photos provided by O’Neil Langan

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O'Neil Langan Architects

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