Finding an internship in the USA
Cathryn Lavery

Tips for Finding an Internship in the USA by Yourself!

Architect-US can help you get an opportunity in the USA but we also support you in finding one yourself – here’s how you should do it!

Finding an internship in the USA by yourself  and getting offered the perfect opportunity in the US while you are a 1000 km away from there seems like an impossible task that requires a lot of time, research, efforts, and paperwork and that small voice in your head telling you that even if you do get a position – what about the whole visa thing… Well, good news – nothing could be further from the truth! We’ll take care of your J1 visa, so don’t worry about that. And just read on to learn how you can make it happen in a much easier way.

  1. First things first. What will a company look at first? Your resumé, your portfolio (if you are an architect or in the creative field) and your level of English. Obvious in theory but what about in details? We have you covered! We have tips on how to wow with your CV, how to put together the perfect portfolio and how to easily improve your English language skills. If you really want to work at the US, you are going to be talking in English all day long and at work, most of the time, with a very specific vocabulary so you better get prepared! This post will be very helpful for that matter, trust us.

As for the résumé and your presentation letter, you have to spend time on them because – at distance, as you are – they would be the company’s first impression of you. At your presentation letter take care of let the company knows that you are going with a J1 visa –and explain them a little about how it works, just in case they don’t know- so they could be sure they can hire you as easy as hiring locally (at no cost and with no extra paperwork). For sure, they would be thrilled to have access to an international talent like you under those smooth conditions! Also, make sure to name our company (and attach the link) so if they have any doubt about the visa they can contact us easily.

  1. Fulfill correctly your LinkedIn page and learn how to brand yourself. Add all the people that could be interesting for your network and try to establish a professional relationship with them, always stay active and share articles and all your interests, you would be popular and approachable and your network would really appreciate it. You can open so many doors to your future career just being active and working on it! Moreover, always keep in mind these two words: personal branding – be conscious of your real you –know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses- in order to take advantage of everything and feel secure to make the people think that you are actually the best. Scroll around all five posts about branding yourself on our blog at the section Job Application Tips, it could really open your eyes about how to manage your “personal brand”.
  2. Have in mind that with our J1 visa program your way to the US –once you have found an opportunity- is going to be very easy and fast, just contact us as soon as you get it! The J1 visa management is going to be on us and we are going to stay in contact with the company or studio you had chosen to manage all the paperwork. You can beat your destiny in only less than two months once the offer is set! For more information about this and for you to be careful with all the paperwork process -in order to be faster- you can read this interesting post one of our current trainees send us and also this one written by another trainee where it’s first-hand perfectly explain all the process.
  3. And finally, do not forget to take a look at least each month at these two sections at our blog: Architect-US Opportunities and Weekly Openings. There are offers from the best companies and studios at the top USA’s cities. You never know where is going to be your dream opportunity!

At Architect-US we want to help you on finding an internship in the USA by yourself and reach your best opportunity at the US so please do not hesitate in contacting us with any doubts and to add to our Facebook page to stay tuned with all the news about your favorite USA’s companies and studios. GOOD LUCK!



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