[PORTFOLIO CHALLENGE] July winning project focused on the redesign of a railroad hub

The Winner for the Portfolio Challenge in July has been decided!!! Find out who took the Gold this month and learn about the other projects shown to the community this past month.

July was a month for projects focused on residential housing to gardens to green belts around towns, and more. In July the incredible work of 7 architects was highlighted and shown on our platforms, and now we have the final winner with the most likes on Instagram!!

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Last month’s winner was Miguel Majano Díaz’s The Educational Nature with over 198 Likes on Instagram.

The winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month was able to get over 118 likes on their project via Instagram. The sixth Portfolio Challenge winner of 2021 for the month of July is…. Alberto Lozano Duran‘s Neubau des LVR-Hauses.

This project was thought as a complex where different typologies and functions try to reconnect again two parts of the city split in the time by the railways. The main problem in these competitions was the design of the entrance to the building, understanding the entrance as an experience that guides the employees or visitors inside the building from the street through different areas and experiences.

He worked with the Design Team from kadawittfeldarchitektur that worked on this project: Tim Witte, Alberto Lozano Duran, Pawel Pietkum, and Guangmin Huang.

Images by Alberto Lozano Duran

If you want to see more by Alberto Lozano Duran scroll down to the bottom to find the rest of their project, Neubau des LVR-Hauses.

We want to highlight the beautiful work of the other 6 incredible artists that were showcased in JULY!!

In second place was Arunachalam lakshmanan’s M.O.C.A. with over 92 likes on Instagram. Last time he submitted a project called THE VEILwhich represents a solution for covering over older infrastructure that could be renovated to provide even more utility to the community, while also beautifying the area of the city. His second submission aims to create a cultural and social space that allows for artists and citizens to interact in different venues within a large complex.

In third place was Daniela Alejandra Santibañez Liberona’s ELEVATED GARDEN with 88 likes on Instagram. During her time studying at Universidad de Santiago de Chile she worked on this project. Last time she submitted a project called Social Recreation Center, which attempts to revitalize an area of downtown Santiago that was previously an area chosen for a new highway. This time around she is providing us with a project called Her project aims to design and create a kindergarten that includes a connection with nature and is an open space that focuses on promoting collaboration and interaction between the students.

In fourth place was Cristina Asla Ortiz de Latierro’s Residential Hybrid Building with 73 likes on Instagram. For her first submission to the Portfolio Challenge, Cristina provided a project called Rehabilitacion Casa PastorsShe has always resonated deeply with Art and design aesthetics, a spark that led her to obtain a diploma in Curatorial Studies. This time around her project aims to be a flexible and adaptable space for a community to live in.

In fifth place was Miguel de la Ossa’s EUROPAN 12: DONAUWÖRTH APP with 38 likes on Instagram. Last time he submitted DISCO + DWELLINGS AT THE MINISTRIES PARKINGwhich was a creative process that allowed him to run, and practice his sketching and move from abstract to detailed. In this new project it aims to create green belt that wraps around the town and provides the community with open green space.

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In sixth place was Guillermo Traibel Abella’s Villa Serrana Lodge with 34 likes on Instagram. Last time he submitted his project called Roosevelt Avenue to the Portfolio Challenge. In this project, Guillermo tries to create a residential villa that is designed to blend into the natural structures around the project.

In seventh place was Maria Urquiola’s Sant Tomé Symphony Orchestra with 19 likes on Instagram. In this project that Maria submitted for her first Portfolio Challenge, it provides us with a look into how she would design and create a beautiful space for orchestra and music to be practiced and presented to the public.

Which projects for July were your top 3? Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Alberto Lozano Duran

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