Corgan Associates Inc.’ Selected Projects

UHistory of Corgan Associates Inc.

Corgan Associates Inc. was founded in 1938 by Jack Corgan. It has it’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, but the firm expanded and it now has 16 offices, global reach, and teams that work anywhere the project takes them.

Corgan leadership gives the vision to plan for the future, as well as the expertise to guide the approach. Their executives assemble the ideal team for any client’s project by drawing from a wide and deep pool of professionals throughout the company, then bring them together behind a common, data-driven vision.

At Corgan, they create spaces that function with optimal technical, aesthetic, and functional quality through the use of data and dialogue. It is an employee-owned business that is propelled by insights that foresee a world that is changing quickly and research that inspires improved user experiences. It’s in the way they create environments and structures that go above and beyond the basic objectives of their clients.

The company’s mission is to create places that enhance the lives of those who experience them, combine high ethical standards with a collaborative, can-do approach, and build relationships on trust, commitment, and mutual success.

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Company Culture at Corgan Associates Inc.

They are creators, designers, and innovators who shape the world they wish to live in, from the type of company they represent to designs that affect hundreds of thousands of people each day. Corgan sees research as a way to shape the future, and sketchbooks as a place to experiment with ways to do so. When the appropriate ideas and technologies arise, they can serve as significant instruments for change.

Whether it’s access to leadership, visibility across disciplines, or simply ease of communication, nothing is more important to Corgan’s flow of ideas than teamwork and dialogue.

Corgan employs creativity and compassion to aid those around them, including customers with a vision, team members with a design issue, and, most significantly, neighbors in need. Corgan’s innate desire to give back is evident in everything they do, from preparing school lunches for underprivileged kids to constructing and renovating homes for neighbors or volunteering their time to combat homelessness and hunger. Serving their communities is deeply embedded in the company culture, with over 70% of workers participating in initiatives annually.

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Corgan Associates Inc. Selected Projects

700 Jackson Street Mixed-use Development – Dallas, Texas

A multi-phase mixed-use development, 700 Jackson Street is situated next to the Dallas County Courthouse, 400 Record, Lubben Plaza, at the intersection of Market Street and Wood Street. The project includes ground-level dining and shopping areas that will enhance Dallas’s urban core’s pedestrian-friendly environment. The upper 11 levels are shared parking levels between Labora and Dallas County, with additional spaces designated for retail users. As the first stop for County visitors and jurors fulfilling their civic duty at the Courthouse, this initiative is crucial to the experience of civic involvement.

The project’s structure and core are also planned to enable a future ‘Phase 2’ that can support a (max) 15-story office, residential, or hotel development on Market Street. The project’s ability to adapt structurally and programmatically is a key component that will enable it to effectively address market and city demands going forward.

Photos by Corgan

Forty Five Ten – Dallas, Texas

This 45,000-square-foot project, part of a historic downtown block in Dallas, is for the upscale shop Forty Five Ten. Droese Rainey Architecture and Corgan collaborated to create the four-story structure, which includes a basement. Droese Rainey handled the interior design, while Corgan handled the core and shell.

The structure has a four-story monumental stairway with an elaborate custom steel art enclosure, a façade composed of iron spot brick with bronze paneling, and custom steel art railings at the Juliet balconies. Additional project components include a penthouse restaurant, penthouse hair salon, surface valet parking lot, sculpture and art throughout the building and garden, a ground floor café/champagne room opening onto terrace and urban garden, and custom steel windows made in the Netherlands.

Photos by Corgan

Cypress Springs Elementary School, Dripping Springs ISD

The 850 students enrolled in this new primary school help to meet the community’s expanding demands in Dripping Springs. This school embraces the importance of nature in learning and everyday life by giving both staff and children the chance to interact with the outdoors. Adjacent to the school’s entrance, the center for learning and innovation welcomes visitors and encourages them all to pursue their educational goals.

Specialized collaboration rooms within each grade-level pod facilitate student involvement beyond the confines of the classroom. The grade level pods also follow the site’s natural topography, giving every classroom a different perspective of the surrounding tree canopy. Use of wood tones and marble accents creates a material palette that creates a peaceful learning atmosphere.

The structure rises with a lower level covered in Texas limestone, providing the wood masses and folded metal roof planes above with a strong visual foundation.

Wall coverings, inside railings, and a natural color scheme all make amusing references to the natural world. For pupils, abstracted leaf-perforated railings and nooks offer something special.

Photos by Corgan

We will be posting more projects by Corgan Associates Inc in the upcoming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for more of their incredible work! Every Friday we will be posting a new Featured Company, so join us again next week!

Corgan Associates Inc.

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