Packed and ready to go!

As I pack the last items in my suitcase, I can’t believe the day has finally come: tomorrow I’m flying to San Francisco to live and work there for a year!

I have dreamed about doing this for so long and Architect US was able to help me make it happen. In September, when I finally submitted my portfolio, I didn’t think it would be this easy to get hired. I sent my portfolio out thinking it would take a while until I got an interview but within a couple of days I got one, and after few more days and two more interviews, I got my job offer. I was so excited! The people that interviewed me sounded fascinating and very knowledgeable, I was interested by the variety and scale of projects they were designing and San Francisco was a city that I was thrilled to live in and explore. I thought about it for some time because it all had happened so quickly, but I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity go. I signed the contract.

After this, I wasn’t aware of how much paperwork me and the firm were still required to do. But I tried to wait patiently through the whole process and finally all the forms were sent to me so I could get my embassy appointment. I had only a week to go to the embassy, get my visa printed, pick up my passport and get a flight ticket so I could be working at the firm on my program start date. It was all very stressful but was able to do everything as scheduled.

My flight date has finally arrived and I can’t wait until I land!

Candelaria Gassiebayle


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