Brandon Haw Architecture’s Selected Projects #1

History of Brandon Haw Architecture

Brandon Haw founded Brandon Haw Architecture, LLP (BHA) in 2014 after spending over 26 years as a Senior Partner at Lord Norman Foster’s office, where he was in charge of many notable projects, including the Hearst Tower in New York City and the Faena House in Miami. The studio has grown under Brandon’s direction to include a diverse portfolio of projects in the United States and Latin America, including master plans, yachts, residential and commercial developments, hotels, institutional and commercial buildings, interior design projects, and an upcoming line of contract furniture.

The Brooklyn-based BHA studio is a design-led architectural firm that firmly believes that every aspect of our built environment, from large-scale urban development to smaller-scale residential construction, improves our quality of life on a physical, financial, and spiritual level.

BHA believes the best design solutions come from thorough analysis combined with the resolution of sometimes opposing external pressures, such as site constraints, budget, climate, and construction methods, along with the objectives of the client. This method produces elegantly solved architectural designs that uplift the spirit and add value for building owners and users through logical reduction and problem solving.

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Brandon Haw, AIA RIBA

Mr. Haw is the President and CEO of Brandon Haw Architecture LLP. Brandon was raised in the 1960s with a deep affinity for the minimalist and conceptual art of the time, having been born into a family of artists in London. He completed his undergraduate studies at Princeton University and his Master’s Degree in Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning in London.

Brandon has given international lectures on cities and urbanism in Brazil, Peru, India, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and the United States.

Company Culture at Brandon Haw Architecture

From the beginning of the design process, they support a «integrated design approach.» The best structural and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) requirements can inform the architectural design from the initial concepts to the final detail design documents when all consultant disciplines work closely together.

we value design
as a process
that looks beyond style
to find beauty in the solution

BHA believes it has a responsibility to design for people—the end users of the buildings it creates—so they integrate the design of their projects from the inside out. As a result, BHA views no distinction between a building’s exterior architectural «expression» and its interior spaces because it begins with the functional needs and goals of the project. They apply the same degree of thorough research to both the integration of landscape and their approach to specialized design consultants. In order to gain local knowledge and expertise, BHA actively leads the process of establishing the design direction while collaborating with the best specialized consultants in each of their respective fields.

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Architect-US is proud to work in close contact with Brandon Haw Architecture and to be able to ensure the firm gets to know and work with amazing young architects like Ines Sofia Moreira Cardoso Raposo whom we helped process and sponsor his J1 Visa as well as find a job in the US through our Job+J1 Visa Program!

Ines Sofia Moreira Cardoso Raposo

Ines is a Portuguese Architect who completed her undergraduate studies in architecture at the ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal. She went on to get her International Master in Architecture during her exchange program with ERASMUS from K U-Leuven in Brussels, Belgium. Ines returned to Portugal for her Master’s Degree at ISCTE where she graduated with Distinction. After graduating, she worked as an Architect Freelancer on Lake House in Atlanta, Georgia. She was responsible for SD, DD and CD of the remodel of the lake house, organized presentations for meetings with the client as well as for the City Hall, and assisted on monitoring construction phase on site and whenever was needed.

Brandon Haw Architecture‘s Selected Projects

Dream Cartagena – Cartagena, Colombia

BHA received an invitation to take part in a competition for the best ideas to design the ultimate five-star Dreams destination resort hotel in Colombia’s Caribbean.

Their vision was to create a hotel experience that was grounded in social relevance, quality, and authenticity, offering each and every guest a multifaceted experience throughout their stay, whether it was lounging by the pool, taking in an event or show, or spending quality time with loved ones. Careful consideration was given to creating a project rich in enlightening discoveries that connect with this special place, its people, and the culture that the visitor has chosen to experience and absorb knowledge from.

In order to achieve this, the plan consists of a network of buildings that uses integrated design and cultural intelligence to greet guests and encourage genuine hospitality, entertainment, and retail experiences. Devoted to safeguarding the delicate ecosystem, the proposal was crafted to integrate regional culture and people into the project’s operations, preserving the principles and goals of the project team.

Photos by Brandon Haw

Francisco de Aguirre – Santiago, Chile

This cutting-edge Class AAA commercial office building is located in Santiago, Chile’s capital, on Alonso de Córdova, the main thoroughfare, in the residential Vitacura neighborhood. The project’s geometry is designed to produce conspicuous corner entrances leading to the center of the development. Public plazas that serve as the building’s entrance forecourts are framed by the architecture of the structure. The development’s residents and onlookers can live in an environment that is supportive of public urban life thanks to these entrances, which let foot traffic into street and lower level public areas with tree groves.

The floorplates were designed to be as flexible and column-free as possible, utilizing long span, post-tensioned concrete slab construction. With deep horizontal shading elements and angled vertical shading elements that are precisely positioned on each façade orientation for maximum efficiency, the façade was designed to offer the maximum amount of shade from the sun during the warm weather months.

BHA designed the landscaping and common area interiors, which include lobby amenity spaces and a roof top terrace with integrated food and beverage services.

Photos by Brandon Haw

Two Riverside – Brickell, Miami, FL

Brickell’s «super tall» residential complex, Two Riverside, is situated on the Miami River waterfront. In addition to connecting and extending the current public riverwalk west of the site and enabling it to pass beneath Miami’s well-known «Underline» linear park where it meets the river, the project extends the Miami River Walk along its whole frontage. At each end of the site are two landscaped, publicly accessible urban plazas that are home to White Tabebuia and Gumbo Limbo trees that provide shade, enhancing the Brickell area as a whole.

This 59-story building, which has indoor and outdoor swimming pools on the 57th floor, is comprised of 51 floors of condominium apartments and 4 floors of shared amenities. The building is situated on an extremely difficult narrow plot.

The building’s south elevation will feature an urban-scale artwork oriented toward the natural visual corridor created by the main urban artery, the Underline / SW First Avenue, and will serve as an artistic landmark seen from the northern section of the Underline / SW First Avenue as it comes up to the Miami River.

Photos by Brandon Haw

We will be posting more projects by Brandon Haw Architecture in the upcoming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for more of their incredible work! Every Friday we will be posting a new Featured Company, so join us again next week!

Brandon Haw Architecture

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