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International Architecture and the 2020 AZ Awards

It is important to establish your identity as a young architect. Just as essential is being aware of the design which surrounds you and what other architects and architectural firms are doing to revolutionize the industry. Only when you are aware of what’s out there will you be able to adapt and make changes. That is why reading about architecture from different platforms and mediums and taking the time to research what other designers out there are doing will it help you become a prominent designer yourself. That is why using every opportunity that is available to you and within your reach will become paramount to your career and personal development. Accordingly, being mindful of what architects are doing around the world, and taking part of exchange programs that will widen your perspective and understanding of what architecture is and what it can be, will you then be able to target a wider audience to your craft. That is why we want to tell you a little bit about the 2020 AZ Awards that will be taking place in June 19, 2020. These awards welcome designs and concept ideas in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Experimental Graphic Design, Interior, and Ideas/Prototypes. So, if this is something which catches your attention make sure to keep reading.

Entering design competitions is a great way to expose yourself to future employers and it is also a great opportunity to receive prestigious awards and recognition. While it may be too late to enter your project for this summer’s gala, its important to note that this competition takes place every year. Meaning that you should take initiative as early as possible to begin working on prospective projects for submission. Also, you should look at the past winners and the winners that will receive awards for the upcoming gala. Currently the early bird Deadline is on the 31st of January, and the final deadline is on February the 18th. So, if you feel you still have a chance read here for more information. Even if you do not win the competition, you can still use the project to add value to your design portfolio. It is a good thing to test yourself and participate in competitions that will place you outside your comfort zone. Competitions like these is an excellent platform for designers to be recognized for the innovation of their projects and ideas. The winners of this competition will be handed a one-of-a-kind trophy, get their names printed in different platforms of the AZ Award’s Gala, and if you are a student winner, you will also win a $5000 cash prize! So, if you are up for the challenge, don’t wait to long to partake in opportunities like these!


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