The Story of Cristina Marin: A Romanian Exchange Student that became an Assistant Project Manager at Inglese Architecture

After having such an incredible time interviewing Pati Garcia, we are excited to share the story of Cristina Marin, a wonderful and talented Architect from Romania that is now working with Inglese Architecture in New Jersey as an Assistant Project Manager. She joined our JOB+J1 Visa Program in 2019 and has since been working with them! Join us this Wednesday!!

Our Interview Series continues strong after an incredible interview with Pablo, this week we will be talking with Cristina Marin. Cristina is a young Architect from Romania that has been able to travel around the USA, going from Missouri to New Jersey to Los Angeles! Now she has been working at Inglese Architecture + Engineering in New Jersey since 2019 and has been in an Assistant Project Manager role.

We cannot wait for you to meet her for another episode of Architect-US Interview Series on Wednesday, February 10th at 12 PM EST (🗽 time) on our Instagram LIVE and/or our YouTube CHANNEL. Our Director of Partnerships Pablo Doster will guide us through the interview with Cristina, and cover topics ranging from her experience working in New Jersey and Valencia to her experience studying Architecture at an American University to her BIM Masters and how it has helped her find work as a Young Professional.

The interview will be live on Architect-US Instagram on Wednesday, February 10th at 12 PM EST (🗽 time) We’ll be also streaming live from all our channels: Facebook | LinkedIn | Youtube | Instagram


Our Director of Partnerships Pablo Doster will go over some other topics such as:

✅ Learn about how Cristina made the most of her JOB+J1 Visa Program experience at Inglese Architecture to stay longer and become an Assistant Project Manager

✅ Get in her shoes and find out what it is like to collaborate with American architects, and some of the difficulties she faced while adapting to the new environment

✅ Compare the BIM Manager experience between her and our previous guest, Alberto Reguero, and how it helped her stay in the USA for longer

✅ Understand how to leverage the different international student exchange programs available to learn more about American culture and professionalism in the US Architecture Industry

Learn more about how Cristina improved her English while in the USA and how architecture firms operate differently to  their European counterparts. As well as the different tips and tricks she has for those just starting out in their careers.

What would you like to ask Cristina about? Please let us know below if you have any questions you would like to ask her!👇👇👇


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