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Conceived as a liaison between global architectural talents and U.S.-based firms, Architect-US, Member of the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce, is a professional career training program that sponsors highly qualified international architects, engineers and designers to work in the U.S. as part of the U.S. Government’s J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.


The aim of Architect-US Career Training USA Program is to provide structured, on-the-job training to the most talented and up-and-coming Architects, Engineers & Designers candidates, for up to 18 months while promoting the value of cross-cultural exchange. The goal of the program is to match the most promising Building Industry Internationals and arrange intern/trainee placement with companies in the United States.


Employers pay no program, visa, or placement fees to participate in our Program and candidates are sponsored by the Program through a US Government designated J-1 Sponsor. For interns employers will pay a compensation wage equal to or more than the minimum or prevailing wage in their areas. For trainees employers will pay a negotiated salary according to their experience level.


You can find all about Architect-US Professional Career Training Program in here:

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Be part of Architect-US is as easy as follow these steps

  • STEP 1


    Join Architect-US and start your business internationalization today! Send us over your contact info, description of your Company experience and what specific knowledge, skills or specialization your intern/trainee should accomplished.

  • STEP 2

    Selection Process

    Architect-us will offer you the most talented and up‐and‐coming International Building Industry candidates which most accurately compeer the requirements of your Company. We offer you exemplarity, offer you the chance to interview candidates and you pick your best match.

  • STEP 3

    Training Agreement Plan

    Your Company and the Intern/Trainee Applicant agree on content of Training Plan completing DS-7002. The Spain-US Chamber of Commerce reviews the application and once approved, the Applicant receives the DS-2019 form for applying for a J-1 Visa at his/her U.S. Embassy.

  • STEP 4


    Applicant receives their J-1 Visa and is ready to begin their American dream; the professional opportunity of their life! Your company will gain in quality, diversity and dynamism, enhancing your company's globalization and allowing creation of new business opportunities in foreign market. Program will create a truly memorable, life‐changing cultural exchange for everyone involved.

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