Video Portfolio Challenge

Have amazing visual work to show to the world? Sign up for the Architect-US Video Portfolio Challenge!

Calling for all Architects and Designers to submit their top-notch projects that are in video format and/or gif format and participate in the Architect-US Video Portfolio Challenge! Join the other architects that have already submitted their portfolio work to the Portfolio Challenge.

Our community and our colleagues have been loving the projects and quality architects being presented through the Architect-US Portfolio Challenge. We previously mentioned that we would create a series of contests over the coming months, and now we can confirm that we are opening up other challenges for all members of our community and gain more exposure to the world of Architecture through the Architect-US Video Portfolio Challenge as part of our Challenges Series.

Video portfolio Challenge

As the world starts to recover from the pandemic we all went through, we are starting to see more and more engagement through the internet and different challenges. The success of the Portfolio Challenge has shown us that we can expand the challenge to the visual realm, including videos.

So we are calling again for Architects and Designers all over the world to participate in our Video Portfolio Challenge. In this case we will only accept gif/mp4 video work such as:
  • Parametrical modeling videos
  • Model making videos
  • Sketching videos
  • Design process videos
  • Rendering videos
  • Any other in-process video you’d like to share with us and get exposure with
We want to raise awareness of the importance of the process in any conceptual or creative process and like with the portfolio challenge we’ll award with a $30 Amazon Gift Card the video that gets more hits in Instagram. We can help you get an opportunity to connect with possible employers and host company partners within our community, not only other J1 Visa Participants.

If you want to participate you only need to fill out this form. Oh, you obviously must own the work and give us permission to share it on social media!

We aim to start rolling out the work of our community by starting another challenge soon too. So stay tuned and check regularly Architect-US Instagram to learn all the details and prizes! Leave us your name and email in the form below and we’ll make sure to include your work in the new Video Portfolio Challenge!!!


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