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The 3 main things that ASSE Aspire helps Architect-US with

ASSE Aspire Worldwide is a Department of State official designated sponsor and the main Architect-US partner for the J1 Visa and Job+J1 Visa Programs. We are in constant communication with them and with their help, our aim is to make sure that you are offered the absolute best for your program.

Structured Guided program

A structured and guided program as set forth in an individualized Internship and Trainee Placement Plan that reinforces the candidate’s need for practical work experience, provides on-the- job exposure to American techniques, methodologies, and technology, and enhances the intern’s knowledge of American culture and society. This is all provided via the Training Placement Plan (DS-7002), carefully detailing the activities, plans, skills learned, and a structure of your time in the company.

Host Company Site Visits

ASSE processes the official J1 Visa paperwork and conducts Host Company Site Visit if necessary (for more information click here). Site visits are conducted by our local area representatives and they are done so that we can guarantee a safe, and adequate work environment for you.

Verification Calls

A verification call to the Host Company is probably one of the last steps during the whole process. It is done so that we can make sure the J1 participant’s Program will run smoothly. Last check are done here to make sure that all the documentation was done correctly, the dates are agreed upon with the employer, and all of the information is verified and corrected if necessary.

ASSE has worked with us since inception and they are great at helping us make sure that your program is going to be the best that it can be. They help throughout all of the documentation process and make sure that it is all corrected if necessary once we hand everything in and before you schedule your embassy appointment.


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