“It Never Rains In Southern California”

Changes always rescue fears and uncertainties that have been resting while we are in balance. Changes, also, are capable of creating a state of excitement that completely modifies a person’s mood, and this is one of those changes I have recently experienced.

2 months ago I received an email that drastically changed my situation, a transition I was waiting with open arms. Right now I find myself emptying my house to undertake an adventure in a new country, in a state that embraces every characteristic, both natural and human, that I could ask for, and in a city that completely seduced me the second I stepped on it for the first time, a year ago.

My name is Daniel Sosa Navarro, I was born in a spanish island on the shores of Africa: Gran Canaria. I studied architecture in my hometown university, the ULPGC, with an intermediate step at La Sapienza of Rome. During the last 6 years I have been jumping back and forth between the peninsula and my island, for professional reasons and to keep developing in an occupation that i am passionate about.

I’m heading to Los Angeles, to the city of stars, the garden city that never ends, city with Gehrys, Moneos, Pianos and many Lloyds Wrights. I go as a trainee in Relativity Architects, a studio with a perfect size, with a lively and warm atmosphere, which makes attractive architecture with principles and approaches that I feel perfectly committed.

 I fulfill my desire for almost a lifetime, which I began to see as possible for the first time two years ago, when I first contacted Patricia (director of Architect-Us) in a café on Calle Velázquez, Madrid. Before that, hopeful, I had tried to look for an opportunity independently, but the answers were never as expected. Bureaucratic obstacles, costs … there were endless conditions that slowed my departure, I did not know how to resolve, Architect-Us did that work for me.


My arrival to the US was delayed a little more than expected, there were job opportunities in Madrid that I could not refuse, but in the meantime, opportunities continued to come through Architect-US, occasions I knew, that sooner or later were going to provide me one of those I stated. During all this time, never more than two days passed without me receiving an email or a call from the program, both to transfer possible opportunities, or to be interested in my situation, until the right offer came at the right moment.


Next Monday begins a new stage not only professional, but also vital in my life. From now on, I will share it with you.

Daniel Sosa

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