Relix Water Project

Daniela Alejandra Santibañez Liberona, last time she submitted a project called ISC ENGINERING, SERVICE AND COMMUNICATIONS, which focused on providing a space for Engineers to learn and collaborate together on projects. This time around Daniela is submitting her project called Relix Water Project. 

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This Project by Daniela seeks to design Relix Water, an industry that offers solutions focused on hydraulic processes and corrosive fluids from the mining industry. The company bought an old warehouse in Colina, Chile, that needed to be redesigned to service the industry and the workers. Thus you can see that a cafeteria is included, as well as customer service spaces, office spaces, meeting spaces and more. The goal was to revamp old infrastructure while also making the space more sustainable and energy efficient.

Daniela was part of the Architect-US Interview Series and you can find the full episode here. She goes into detail about her first thirty days in the USA and how she is adapting to the new surroundings at Inglese Architecture in New Jersey. Now she is working on designing affordable housing and accessible public spaces that are needed in New Jersey.

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Images by Daniela Alejandra Santibañez Liberona

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