Private Residence

Bianca Dobru is a talented Romanian Architect that has submitted many of her top notch projects to the Portfolio Challenge since we started last year! Join us to learn about her new project, Private Residence.

Bianca Dobru joins us again for the Portfolio Challenge, she has presented many different projects such as Yichun Zen Resort project, as well as their Mt. Fuji Heritage Center. Bianca joined theArchitect-USJob+J1 Visa Program last year, and has been very active with the Portfolio Challenge. This time around she submitted a project called Private Residence.

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Private Residence seeks to create a residential design that provides the privacy necessary for the client, but also finds a design layout that places different sized rectangles and squares in an arrangement that provides the privacy necessary. Below you can see how Bianca outlines the proportions and measurements, and then moves on to present the final design and defines where different structural factors will exist such as the Elevator shaft, stairwell, etc.

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How would you design a private residential project to maximize privacyLeave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Bianca Dobru

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