[PORTFOLIO CHALLENGE] April winning project focused on rehabilitating old structures to promote community cohesion

For the Portfolio Challenge Winner of April, the project focused on rehabilitation of old structures that provides new use cases for the space and creates a stronger community cohesion.

April was a month for projects focused on enhancing the relationship between nature and humans, rehabilitation of old structures, and more. In April the incredible work of 8 architects was highlighted and shown on our platforms, and now we have the final winner with the most likes on Instagram!!

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Last month’s winner was Matteo Terazzi‘s Free Space with over 199 Likes on Instagram.

The winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month was able to get over 212 likes on their project via Instagram. The fourth Portfolio Challenge winner of 2021 for the month of April is…. Arunachalam Lakshmanan‘s The Veil.

Arunachalam explores architecture in response to culture, community or environment of a project, by imbuing key characteristics into the experience and the character of the design outcome. THE VEIL represents a solution for covering over older infrastructure that could be renovated to provide even more utility to the community, while also beautifying the area of the city. He also emphasizes the value of promoting community interaction and cohesion that leads to stronger and more resilient communities.

Image by Arunachalam Lakshmanan

If you want to see more by Arunachalam Lakshmanan scroll down to the bottom to find the rest of their project, The Veil.

We want to highlight the beautiful work of the other seven incredible artists that were showcased in April!!

In second place was Giulia Pierotti‘s V Housing with 168 Likes on Instagram. Giulia attended the Architecture of Interiors, Faculty of Architecture at Politecnico di Milano for her Undergraduate and has been working in New York City with Space4Architecture for over two years now! She creates the different Model Floorplans for the parts of the V Housing and in the final form you see the subtraction of elements as well as the extrusion of elements.

In third place was Theodor Harasim‘s Concurso Teatro Regional del Bío Bío with 154 Likes on Instagram. Theodor has been working with the Romanian Green Building Council and has been working at Plainspace DPC in New York City in 2019. In this project he seeks to define how one can design a theater that includes the nature around it, is also sustainable, and affordable by reusing renewable materials.

In fourth place was Alicia Luis Magdaleno‘s Proyecto Da Terra à água with 148 Likes on Instagram. The design is placed on the bank of the river Douro as it flows through Porto. It acts as a suture, continuing the riverside walk, regenerating the landscape, sewing up the pre-existing, creating new public spaces and bridging a difference in height of more than 80 meters.

In fifth place was Cristina Asla Ortiz de Latierro‘s Rehabilitacion Casa Pastors with 111 Likes on Instagram. Cristina has always resonated deeply with Art and design aesthetics, a spark that led her to obtain a diploma in Curatorial Studies. Cristina goes from a big picture perspective to a closer perspective that shows more details about how the design would be implemented.

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In sixth place was Camila Rodriguez‘s La Carcova with 103 Likes on Instagram. La Carcova aims to create a cycle of reuse that incorporates the community and commercial use of product waste, the design aims to create a resilient community with a closed circuit market.

In seventh place was Adriana Galicia Espinoza‘s Dancing Cabins with 89 Likes on Instagram. Adriana competed in “Amber Road Trekking Cabins” Latvia in 2017 and submitted her project called Dancing Cabins. The aim was to create resting places for hikers who travel each year along the “Amber Road” passing through the Baltic Sea across the coast of Latvia.

In eighth place was Bianca Dobru‘s Private Residence with 85 Likes on Instagram. Private Residence seeks to create a residential design that provides the privacy necessary for the client, but also finds a design layout that places different sized rectangles and squares in an arrangement that provides the privacy necessary.

Which projects for April were your top 3? Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Arunachalam Lakshmanan

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