Dancing Cabins

Adriana Galicia Espinoza is a wonderful Architect from Mexico that has been part of various architecture competitions including the architecture competition “Amber Road Trekking Cabins” Latvia in 2017. For that competition she submitted her project called Dancing Cabins. The aim was to create resting places for hikers who travel each year along the “Amber Road” passing through the Baltic Sea across the coast of Latvia. The cabin is designed to be attached to the terrain and all seasons of the year, a flexible and adaptable space was designed to the climates of Latvia.

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The concept is inspired by direct contact with nature and Latvian culture. Dancing Cabins is born from the abstraction of the rhythm of typical Latvian dances creating dynamic resting spaces with the possibility of adapting to the climates of the place. It offers hikers a comfortable place in direct contact with nature.

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Images by Adriana Galicia Espinoza

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