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Mimi Thian

5 Marketing Tips for Targeting Architects

It is always important to know how to sell your brand to possible clients as well as future employers within the architecture space. Make sure you know how to make the most of the tools that you have available.

Marketing can unlock a whole new market for you and your brand, while also helping you to keep track of the success that you have been able to create.

traditional publications are still important

“We still like to read things on our terms.”

While there is a definite push to digital, especially with younger professionals, many architects still appreciate flipping through the pages of a traditional publication. The greatest way to reach them is through inspiration and education first, product promotion second.

Introduce them to the problems your product can solve through an editorial or advertisement, that just so happens to feature your product. They will appreciate the focus on their needs over your blatant product-first promotions.

show, don’t tell

Sticking with importance of the education theme, your brand shouldn’t resort to traditional beauty shots and sales pitches. To put it simply, you don’t always have to show your product on display in a finished building.

“We like to know how systems go together. This gives us additional ideas about the structure overall.”

Think about your marketing efforts as an opportunity to get in front of architects and educate them on your product. Show them how it works in the overall built environment. Show them how it contributes to the bigger picture. This approach can help them come to a quicker understanding of how your product can benefit their process and, in turn, encourage them to specify you over another brand.

be unexpected

A common message among architects at AIA was that they’re sick of the boring, sea-of-sameness messaging that they see in every publication and digital ad.

“We page quickly past the sameness. Be original. Get our attention with an unexpected approach and more dynamic use of your product.”

It’s time to get creative and showcase your brand in a way that stands out from the crowd. Striking imagery and messaging may do the trick. Or maybe it’s a unique call to action that really grabs an architect’s attention. Escape the sea-of-sameness to get noticed and make a lasting impact.

keep it simple

Architects are turned off by extensive messaging and highfalutin marketing speak. Clearly articulate your message with a clean, concise and simple approach that states your message without all the fluff. Don’t have too much copy or try to tell the whole story – its not a piece of literature.

“Give logical direction for what we should do next in the process. For example, excite us, then lead us to a specific place on your website that helps us further understand your product.”

tell a story with your images

“We are interested in the story behind the visuals you show.”

Don’t settle on stock images to get the job done. You have one shot to get in front of an architect and tell a story that resonates with them. Make that one shot worth it. Explain the logistics of the building you’re showing. Tell them where it’s located. Talk about the rationale of the design and how your product helped achieve the vision.

Tell a story that inspires them. If they’re inspired by your story, they will then be more willing to explore your products and specify them.

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