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How you can use our blog to your benefit

Our Blog section at Architect-US is a great tool for you to learn about the Job+J1 program, life in the States, and most importantly how to maximize your potential and increase your chances of landing that dream job you’ve been looking for. If you are a young professional looking to gain experience in the US but you are uncertain about the program, simply look at our blog to learn about all of the benefits a program like this can bring to you. Once you have landed in the Blog section you will find different categories at the top of the page. Inside every category there are sub-categories for you to choose from that will answer any doubts and questions that you have. Our team has dedicated their time to cover all the important information that you will need to know for registration, approval, pre-departure information, rent and transportation in the city you are looking into, and all other aspects involving the program. Including exciting information about life in the States!! Use this section as a tool to improve and make changes to your CV and Portfolio to highlight the qualities that make you a great designer and will get employers interested in your work. Every doubt or questions that we have received from past and current participants we have tried to cover in our posts, and they will give you the guidance you need moving forwards.


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