Field trips out of the office

What a great place to be an architect… And what a great job to see the most of this city…

San Francisco is such a hilly city, and it’s amazing to think of the amount of people living in a house that has an incredible and unique view on the city. These people are even more lucky to be living in this very unique area where the climate makes the same view as different as beautiful every day. In the morning the fog covers part of the buildings differently every day, and in the evening the sunset makes views look like postcards.

I love these days when we plan a little field trip out of the office to visit a house under construction or to survey a new project.

I feel so lucky to be one of the very few people to be able to see the view from the top of this house:

We have a new project starting this month… Look at the view this old couple has from their living room:

Emmanuelle Brien


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