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Employers love graduates that come from abroad

American companies love hiring recent graduates and young architects which come from abroad. They recognize the fact that experiencing other cultures and diverse work environments is a great driver for personal development and knowledge of global practices and methods. An experience which is mutually beneficial to companies as they also benefit from hiring international talents as yourselves and gives them new business opportunities in foreign markets. They also profit from the talent you bring to the team and the experience you have. Something which the Job+J1 visa program will allow you to do by going to work in the United States for a period of up to 18 months. Accordingly, your resume will also get more valuable as you will be challenged in an environment with different views and insights than those from your home. Widening your perspective and giving you the opportunity to learn how American companies approach and accomplish different architectural projects.

Going to work in the States will open your mind in ways that you wouldn’t have imagined before. Employers know that this opportunity is a significant advantage in today’s world and one that will certainly open new doors in a growing cross-cultural world. Diversifying you academic and professional experience will bring great benefits to you as a professional and will take you out of your comfort zone. By participating in opportunities like this you will be able to market your newly acquired skillsets and it will make your application process in the future much easier. You have to be willing to take the initiative and at some point, take calculated risks that will propel you to new and exciting future opportunities and adventures. Over the years, architecture has become and has been for some time, a global industry. With more and more talents going to the U.S. to work, more approaches to problem solving and techniques will arise and the flow in the creative progress nourish those that come from all over the world and now live in the States.


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