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The 2 ways that the j1 Visa Program incentivizes impactful projects

Successful architectural firms strategize their leadership and reflect on the future of the firm by analyzing the plans and experience of the employee. This has shown to be particularly true in the way that firms have reevaluated the core values of the workplace. Allowing team members to be part of the bigger picture and getting them as involved as possible in the design process. Different studios such as the international VolumeOne, have noticed that by introducing students and employees to settings of vast cultural differences has resulted in the development of innovative and high-quality work. Building an internal community within the workplace which allows the cross-communication between different cultures and ethnicities presents new challenging opportunities and addresses problems from a sociological approach.

1. Adaptive

The J1 Visa program allows you to take part of a collaborative professional setting in which different cultures are coming together. Currently, the United States is one of the world’s international hubs and inserting yourself in unfamiliar environments where you are introduced to different ways in which projects perceive urban, economic, and environmental aspects, inevitably forces you to adapt to unfamiliar environments. You become more receptive to ideas and approaches that differ greatly from yours, and you are also given the opportunity to present and execute those methods of your own.

2. Forward-looking

Naturally, more and more architectural firms are seeing the value of bringing in international talents to their team. It brings diversity of background and thought to their internal community and widens the perspective and approach of the team. Expanding on opportunities and fostering an all-inclusive methodology in their everyday routine. As a result, projects tend to be more innovative and culturally sensible.

The J1 Visa program aims to provide countless opportunities for young international architects who seek to expand their knowledge in the field and gain experience in a setting different from the one which they are used to. The United States continues to be one of the top destinations for internationals worldwide and architectural studios throughout the country are looking for these bright minds to join their team of talented architects. Moving across the globe and learning from different cultures and experiences and being immersed in unfamiliar environments allows the designers to try new methods and develop new skills sets that may not grow unless being thrown into such experiences. By considering programs like these, designers will provide companies with opportunities that will open doors and deliver global reach and knowledge; key values of Architect-US


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