My first fake hurricane


Last week I was so happy that my in-laws would come to the United States and we would have an amazing weekend in New York. They were coming to see the US Open and get a taste of what life has been like in this big and famous country. But during the week before they arrived we had a hurricane alert, my parents in Brazil and I went into a panic, after all where I live we do not have this kind of natural disaster. The city has changed, everyone goes out to refuel cars, queues at gas stations, a grocery store full of people buying water and food, crazy.

However, as I was going to NY I was calmer, as the news progressed and the hurricane progressed to Category 5, my boss thought I’d better spend the whole week there. Which turned out to be amazing and I was able to spend almost 10 days with my family. We did so many things, we went to watch 2 days of games at the US Open, I saw Djoko play, it was amazing. During the weekend, where Gabriel could go for a walk with us, we did some more sightseeing tours like Highline, Chelsea Market, Starbucks Reserve, Apple, and other stores. On Sunday we gathered a bunch of friends and family for brunch in a cool rooftop in Brooklin.

During the week I enjoyed being alone to visit several museums such as the Guggenheim and the MoMa, I spent hours watching the exhibitions and appreciating the architecture of these buildings. At the end of the day, we always went to dinner together. When my in-laws weren’t going to the games we would explore new neighborhoods like SoHo, Brooklin, Tribeca, 5th Avenue. It was so good to see them after almost 8 months, the time to say goodbye is horrible but soon we will be reunited again.

It is always a pleasure to review New York.

Nathalie Hellmich

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