New Toy for New York

New Toy for New York


The Vessel is a spiral staircase in the heart of Hudson Yards District. This extraordinary masterpiece of architecture was designed by Thomas Heatherwich and Heatherwick Studio. The idea was to create a focal point where visitors can observe the new perspectives of the city. The Vessel consist of 154 intricately interconnecting flights of stairs. It is almost 2500 steps and 80 landings.

The Hudson Yards District is one of the most expensive and biggest developer project at the USA history. It is a huge complex of 16 buildings. Hudson Yards was built under the existing train ways. The purpose of this district was changed from industrial to the commercial and civil at 2005.

Part of the new soaring landmark is made of stainless steel with a cooper color. That is why The Vessel stand out from the background of glass skyscrapers.  It is not so easy to get up to the top. Several rises can replace you a training in the gym.

Vessel structure has one elevator for disable people. This makes the landmark available for everybody. Open lift shaft looks like a spine of an ancient animal skeleton. The whole interior looks like a dinosaur has just eaten you.

This amazing architectural fantasy is truly Instagram-friendly. When I was inside The Vessel I noticed that every visitor has been taking photos and videos of this space. There are lot of different angels for pictures inside of The Vessel.

All structure is completely open. It can make scare people with acrophobia. But I had really enjoyed the strong wind and amazing views. The Vessel reminds me of paintings by artist M. S. Esher. He was good at visual illusions with a space and architectural elements. All this interconnected stairs looks like a big riddle.

I think this monument is a good metaphor of New York. You seek to be on the top and everybody are moving. It is unbelievable to walk on this tridimensional public space. It is a big and beautiful toy for New Yorkers and tourists.

Maria Malygina


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