Welcome to Miami Beach

Hello everyone!

This is my fourth mouth in Florida, and I decide to explore more this state, so this weekend I went to Miami Beach. My friends and I booked a hostel in from the beach, the weather was great and the city was not too crowded.

In the first day, I went to The Wynwood Arts District, named one of America’s best hipster neighborhoods by Forbes Magazine. Developers transformed once lifeless warehouse buildings into a vibrant outdoor museum, featuring giant walls of graffiti-style murals. The formerly abandoned streets are now bustling with activity, drawing artists and visitors, like me who spent almost the whole day walking through the murals and taking a lot of pictures. At night we went to a really nice bar and enjoyed the sunset.

Sunday morning, we had a really typical American breakfast, with egg, bacon, sausage, and potatoes, I felt so American!! After that we went to the Perez Art Museum, the architecture of this place is amazing, so contemporary and full of life. The exhibition was interesting and strong.

We had a really fun time there and it was also wonderful to discover a new place.

Nathalie Hellmich

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