My first concert in San Francisco

Hello everyone!

This month has been really fun, I went to my first music concert in the US. I was really excited when I realized that Rosalia, the Spanish singer, was coming to San Francisco. It was such a great opportunity to see her life and having a bit of Spain in the city.

I had the opportunity to see her performing in Spain on her first tour. It was such a different sound and vibe, her music was modern flamenco and it was a really small and intimate concert.

In the past year she has changed a lot, in a really good way, I think. Her sound now is really fresh, she mixes different styles, from flamenco to electronic music. And she is also an awesome dancer!

The concert took place in a cool Venue in downtown -medium size, I would say- One thing I love from this city is that all the Theatres and Venues are very beautiful and they have really good sound.

This was also an opportunity to learn about the famous scammers – fake internet profiles trying to sell fake tickets-The concert was sold out in the first hour, so I couldn’t get a ticket at the beginning. I was looking for some tickets at face value to buy in the next weeks, hopping that someone was selling theirs, when I started to found scammers everywhere. I took a few tries with different facebook profiles until I found a real one. But I finally did it and I could go to the concert!

Alejandro Alonso

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