Weekend Getaway- Savannah, the Historical Gem!

In my last blog, I had mentioned about the upcoming trip, and yes it was the Historical City of Savannah! It was a solo trip about 6 hours from Sarasota. This is one of the most beautiful cities as it has a connection to America’s Past. It gives a little Europey touch to the city and I could feel like I am in Europe. Cobblestone pathways, Limestone and brick clad buildings, old neighborhoods are the main elements of the city. Another feature which I completely liked about the city were the garden squares situated every alternate block or in such a way that each community has one square where they could hang out and their children could play. Savannah Waterfront and River Street are the must go places.

I also had an opportunity to attend the session at SCAD- Savannah College of Art and Design. We took a tour around the College and learnt about their culture and programs. Walking around the city, I documented and clicked quite a few mansions, ancient houses and museums (it’s famous for). It is so amusing to observe the different periods of architecture in the city. There is a variety of architecture styles that could be observed like Spanish revival, renaissance, Victorian, american etc. The great Forsyth Park in the center acts as a social pocket of the city where people would relax, play and hang out with their friends or come for jogging or a walk. Savannah is a city that I would definitely suggest to all those who love to explore the historical places. Also I would recommend people NOT to use a GREYHOUND bus as that is the only bad experience I had since I am in the USA. They have the worst service.


Nishtha Sadana

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